Balochistan: Pakistan continues massive oppression and war crimes in month of December. Dil Murad Ba

Baloch National Movement issued the report of December 2018. The report tells harrowing situation of Balochistan, where Pakistan Army and other security forces carried out massive level of oppression and war crimes. Baloch National Movement has been submitting it's monthly reports regarding the atrocities of Pakistani forces in Balochistan.

Dil Murad Baloch, information secretary of Baloch National Movement says Pakistan Army along with other security forces conducted 48 military operations and raids of various scale in the month of December 2018; during operations as per available report 65 persons were arrested and shifted into unknown places, and their whereabouts is unknown. The security forces also looted 59 houses during operations; in Dera Bugti and its vicinity forces torched more than 30 houses.

According to report 27 dead bodies also recovered in the same month; in which the causes of 11 person's death remain unknown. Among the dead 12 were Baloch, and dead bodies of 4 could not be identified.

The report also tells security forces bolstered their strength by creating 22 new check posts in different parts of Occupied Balochistan.

The information secretary also stated that as for the report of December 2018, a total number of 33 persons were released, most of them were enforced disappeared in between July to November 2018 by law enforcement agencies of Pakistan during military operations; other 5 were whisked away in 2017 and one person was abducted five years ago, was released in the month of December too.

Dil Murad Baloch said that military operations were continued with same intensity in the month of December, people were forced to leave their houses and migrate to other places.

He added, “Balochistan became a war zone, and no one's life is secure here, and security forces are playing orgy with the blood of innocent Baloch people.”

BNM information secretary explains that army is not alone, but all state institutions are standing together and involved in war crimes in Balochistan; along with law enforcement agencies, criminals are armed with creating death squads those are accomplice with army in the genocide of the Baloch nation.

Dil Murad Baloch said that there is a constant rise in the war crimes of Pakistan which is enough to assume that Pakistan has adamant in the genocide of the Baloch nation.”In this regard he added. “these proofs are sufficient to bring Pakistan before international tribunal for war crimes, but the champions of human rights are blind to this harsh reality, and united nations and other world powers are responsible for this humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.”

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