Increasing interest of Saudi Arabia in Baloch sea is of great concern. Dr Murad Baloch

Dr. Murad Baloch, the secretary general of Baloch National Movement has expressed his deep concern over the visit of Saudi delegation in Gwadar by saying, “ the increasing interest of Saudi Arabia in Baloch sea and specially in Gwadar is cause of great concern and it is tantamount to take part in Pakistani intrigues which is against to Baloch nation and their old relationship with neighboring Arab countries.”

Saudi Arabia is keen to interest in Pakistan and China led exploitive mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor which is commonly known as CPEC. Baloch nation has out rightly rejected those all projects which are being built without their willingness, and undermine their struggle for a free Balochistan from Pakistani occupation.

The BNM secretary general while discussing the historical connection of Baloch with Arab countries reminded that Gwadar belongs to Baloch nation, and Baloch had gifted it to Oman by helping the rulers of Oman on their hard times; this time Saudi Arabia is one of the powerful country in the Arab League which with its adventurous foreign policies and unaware of the situation of Balochistan and the persistent lying and cheating of Pakistan, but the matter of fact this is nothing but living in a fantasy of so called atomic power.

Dr. Murad Baloch stated that the growing interest of various powerful countries in natural resources of Balochistan and its strategic position is nothing but becoming a partner in the war crimes of Pakistan in Balochistan. He made this clear that Baloch nation will resist any intruder those come in Balochistan, “history is the prime witness that Baloch as a living nation has resisted Portuguese and English invaders for their national identity. Today they are struggling against Pakistani occupation and atrocities, and this time Baloch nation is in a state of war, and in such state of affair the Saudi or other country’s investment in Balochistan or such attempt will be considered a declaration of war against Baloch nation. The Chinese are accomplice of Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan through exploitation of Baloch resources and using Baloch coast as a strategic forte of its military purpose.”

He stated, “Balochistan is an occupied land and investment in Balochistan is against international laws, and political struggle against it will remain continued, as the Baloch nation is already struggling against Pakistan and China.”

The secretary general of BNM said that by allowing china to establish military base in Balochistan is the proof of the fact that Pakistan had turned clueless against Baloch national struggle, and it needed imperial powers to maintain its occupation of Balochistan; in such situations investing of Saudi Arabia along with China could be considered as lack of awareness about the ground realities or becoming an accomplice of Pakistan in the genocide of Baloch nation. “Which in either case are not acceptable for the Baloch nation.” Reiterated Dr. Murad Baloch.

He further added, “Pakistan has been trying to portrait a peaceful picture of war stricken Balochistan with international community. In fact there are numerous numbers of military camps and check posts which are enough to belie Pakistani claims. Balochistan has been turned into a gigantic military camp, and Baloch are imprisoned in this extended military camp. Pakistan has continued its atrocities on Baloch nation. Despite of this, if any country tries to invest in Balochistan than we have the right to call it as accomplice Pakistan army and it’s other institutions in the genocide of Baloch nation.”

He added, “This is the first and foremost duty of Saudi Arabia and other countries that they should raise their voice against Pakistani atrocities on Baloch nation and support their national struggler; so that, not only Baloch nation gets free from this terrorist state, but also it would pave the way for peace in the world. This time world has more threat from Pakistan than any other terrorist organization. Sooner the world address this anathema, the better it would be for Baloch nation and for the world.”

Baloch National Secretary General suggested to the world powers and international community, “We make this clear that the way of peace and development in this region comes with the establishment of a free Balochistan which can play the role of buffer zone in the region which can lead to permanent peace in the world.”

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