It is a war crime to bury ten dead bodies without DNA test. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch the chairman of Baloch National Movement in his statement said that Pakistan not only continued war crimes against Baloch nation but also intensified that to a greater scale.

He added, “The problem of missing persons has turned into a humanitarian crisis, but Pakistan in order to dupe the world has formed so-called commission for the missing persons. The purpose of forming such commission is to hide the war crimes of Pakistan; the matter of fact, formation of commission on humanitarian crisis is, itself a baseless , because this is crystal clear that thousands of Baloch missing persons are enforced disappeared and enduring inhuman tortures in Pakistani torture cells.”

He further added, “The number of missing persons has risen several times due to the abduction of people on daily basis.”

Khalil Baloch says that Pakistan on the other hand, after killing and the handing over of the mutilated dead bodies to Eadhi Foundation and other Welfare Trusts is a clear war crime. In this respect he further added, “this act has put the missing persons’ families into a mental agony. Yesterday (on Tuesday) ten dead bodies were declared heirless and handed over to Eadhi Foundation for burial. In this modern age where one can easily be identified through DNA test, it is an attempt to hide its war crime by declaring people heirless and burying them; prior to this several dead bodies were also discovered form Sindh river and they were also buried in the same fashion.”

The BNM chairman showed his fear and annoyance, “Baloch nation has already lost trust on Pakistan, but the human rights organizations are also keeping silence on crimes against humanity which is extremely painful.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch once again castigated the patrician and biased role of Pakistani local media: “the partiality of local media and the silence of local and international human rights organizations has provided impunity to Pakistan by carrying out genocide of Baloch nation.” He also called the role of the world community into the question, “in the same way the apathy of the international powers has increased the pains and agonies of Baloch nation.”

He stated that, the world powers in past tacitly supported the genocide of Bengalis which provide a free hand to Pakistan for the genocide of Baloch nation. Now this is the responsibility of the world powers and international organizations that must bring Pakistan into justice for its dirty games, so that the other nations, like Bengali, get freedom and escape form genocide; henceforth, a new chapter of black age may not be part of the upcoming history.”

The chairman of BNM maintained that, that was not the first incident of it sort, prior to this, mass graves had been discovered in Tutak, Dera Bugti, Panjgur and other areas of Balochistan. Pakistan is sole responsible for those crimes, which come into the category of crime against humanity and genocide, which are the two greatest crimes. If the United Nations and other human rights organizations failed to take immediate notice, that would be tantamount to add salt into the wounds of Baloch nation.

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