UN should give rights and facilities to Baloch refugees according to international laws. Dr Murad Ba

Secretary General of Baloch National Movement, Dr. Murad Baloch says in a statement that due to aggression of Pakistan millions of Baloch have been compelled to migrate from their motherland to another countries, where Baloch refugees are living a miserable life. The biggest number of Baloch refugees are in Afghanistan, those have migrated to Afghanistan for 18 years because of Pakistani aggression, and they are deprived of basic facilities of life, and yet to receive any help and assistance from any international institution.

He further said that we appeal to United Nations institution for refugees UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) in Afghanistan, while taking a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan into notice, Baloch people should be given the status of refugees, and rights in cognisance with international laws for refugees.It is the responsibility of United Nations and civilized world, apart from Afghanistan, wherever Baloch seek asylum should be given the status of refugees to them.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that the way Germany and other European countries welcomed Syrians and accepted them as refugees on humanitarian grounds, we have same expectations from the office of UNHCR in Afghanistan, because Balochistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, due to direct atrocities of occupying state inflicting on Baloch nation.

He maintained, “Pakistan Army barbarities on civilians has become a daily routine; whereas, in other countries’ crisis non state actors are involved.”

He further added, “Refugees from other countries are migrating to other countries in order to save their lives from terrorist organisations, such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram, where they can live a safe life, and live where there is no influence of any terrorist organisations, but the Army of occupying state in Balochistan has made life miserable for the people of Balochistan; the life of Baloch people is not secure in any part of the country.”

Secretary General of Baloch National Movement further states that one of the biggest aspect of humanitarian crisis in Balochistan is Pakistan and its alliance with China on its imperialistic and exploitative projects. After China and Pakistan agreement on China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC), Pakistan Army has increased the level of military operations, where several of villages have been vanished to the face of earth. The population which comes on the route of CPEC, Pakistan Army did aerial and ground operations in those populations, and compelled them to leave the area. Today, approximately one million Baloch are homeless and living a miserable life in other parts of the land and in different countries. The population across Balochistan, and particularly those come in vicinity of CPEC route are being targeted with purpose to that Baloch should withdraw from their motherland, and as a result Pakistan & China could gain control and rooted in Baloch land, and pave way for looting their natural resources with great ease.

BNM secretary general exhorted, “In such state of affairs it becomes the responsibility of United Nations and its subordinate institutions and human rights organizations to give special treatment to Baloch refugees, and ensure their safety.”

Dr. Murad Baloch said that Baloch refugees had many times been targeted in Afghanistan, as a result many Baloch were killed and wounded in those attacks. Today a large number of Baloch refugees in Nimrooz & Kandahar are awaiting for help, shelter and safety from United Nations.

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