GM Sayyad teachings are torch bearer for Sindhi people. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch the chairman of Baloch National Movement in his statement on the occasion of 115th birth anniversary of Sindhi nationalist leader GM Seyyad says, there is no doubt Sahin (G M Seyyad) a seasoned nationalist politician and he was a great scholar. His life, political teachings and nationalist ideology are torch bearer for Sindhi people. It is clarion call for Sindhi nationalist and their national demand they should struggle unitedly within the nationalistic teachings of GM Sayyad against Pakistani occupation for their national identity and freedom

He said that Sindhi is a great nation, and their land with its own unique culture and traditions is famous across the world. Sindh with its mystic thinking is a guarantee of sustainable peace for its neighboring nations. But Sindhi like Baloch under the occupation of Pakistan are being deprived of their customs, culture and traditions. Pakistan is obliterating Sindhi's sufism, peaceful and man loving ideas of Sindhi people with its religious intolerance; in such state of affairs the teachings, philosophy and nationalist ideology guide Sindhi, Baloch and other oppressed nations.

Khalil Baloch stated, GM Seyyad has paved the way for the Sindhi national struggle for freedom on modern nationalism and scientific bases; and Sindhi would be able to bring the idea of Sindu Desh into reality through the teachings of GM Seyyad. The concept of nationalism is overlapping other ideologies in the modern era; today even USA chants the slogan of “America First”; nationalism is gaining momentum in Europe too. We can see a rise of nationalist sentiment in our neighboring country, India, but Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun are being suppressed under the occupation of Pakistan. The oppressed nations are facing a genocide for raising nationalistic slogans; thousands of Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun are killed by Pakistan; millions of people have suffered; in return of these sacrifices can only be national freedom and establishing free countries of their own.

BNM’s chairman further said, Pakistan is an illicit and unnatural country which lacks all factors of a country. That was actually created in the name of religious ground by the west for the protection of their own motives and purposes. Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun have their thousands years old history and culture, but our national identity is at stake under the occupation of Pakistan.

“We are being converted into a minority in our own land through conspiracy. Today Sindhi are facing genocide and exploitation in the same way as Baloch are being treated; but the history of aware nations tells that they won't be kept in chains of serfdom for a longer time and the power of resistance will always remain their trait." He said.

Khalil Baloch applauded the personality and role of GM Seyyad by saying that personality like GM Seyyad are born after the lapse of centuries; his political, educational and literary contributions would guide the oppressed nations for centuries. The teachings of GM Seyyad and time demands to Sindhi people, they should struggle to free themselves from the clinches of Pakistan.

The BNM chairman asserted, “We are facing a common enemy and I believe not only Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun, but entire region has facing threat of a common enemy. In fact Pakistan is a threat to all the world; and Pakistan enjoys the full backing of China in this dirty war. China in the name of investment has invaded Baloch and Sindhi land and intended to colonize us. It is essential all the oppressed nations must form unity in order to repulse the advancing imperialists.

Khalil Baloch, on the occasion of 115th birth anniversary of Sindhi nationalist leader GM Seyyad invited and proposed to other nations, saying, “I invite all oppressed nations, that our pain are same; our enemy is same and our aim is one; therefore we should form a united front against our common enemy.”

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