Pakistan continues policy of collective punishment in Balochistan. BNM

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement says that Pakistan is committing atrocities and barbarities in order to counter and suppress the Baloch national struggle. This is the fifth military operation soon after the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan, where Baloch people are facing enforced disappearances and abduction, ground and aerial bombardment, destruction of villages, forced migration and collective punishment.

Pakistani forces are committing gross human rights violations in Balochistan, where they are torturing and whisking away family members, including women and children of political activists as policy of collective punishment in purpose to force them to surrender and sideline from their national struggle against Pakistani occupation. Accordingly the spokesman stated, “It is six months to completion, since Pakistani army abducted women and children in Mashkay.”

Pakistan Army arrested fifty years old Noor Malik wife of Allah Bakhsh, along with her 25 years old daughter, Haseena Allah Bakhsh, 22 years old Sameena Allah Bakhsh, 14 years child Zameer and 13 years old Daulat son of Dad Mohammad. They are under the custody of Pakistan Army for last six months. These women and children were first kept in Jebree Mashkay Army camp and later on they were shifted into Mashkay Gajjar Army Camp.

The spokesman stated, “the purpose of these inhuman atrocities is to force Baloch nation to give up their national struggle, but this struggle which is based on rationality and organizational structure cannot be suppressed with terrorism; rather such acts further strengthen our struggle. In state of affairs where Baloch national identity and their existence is at risk, in such situations the reaction of nation and political resistance is a natural course.”

The Baloch National Movement central spokesperson explains that Pakistan is hell-bent upon the policy of collective punishment and bringing atrocities for several years through Balochistan; while following its policy of collective punishment, six month ago, forces abducted women and children in Allangi, Mashkay and shifted them in military camp. In this respect Baloch National Movement wrote letters to various human rights organizations and ran campaign in social media, but the local and international media houses, journalists and human rights organizations continuously ignored the atrocities on Baloch people. Similarly, the courts also kept silent to endorse the cruelties of Pakistan Army.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement finally stated, “The arrest of Baloch women and children is an addition of Pakistan's crimes; Baloch nation will never forget their arrested women and children; we appeal to the United Nations and other international human rights organizations to take notice of this inhuman atrocity of Pakistan.”

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