UAE government should present Rashid Baloch to its own courts to ensure all needs and demands of jus

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement has criticized the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government for the arrest of Rashid Baloch, without any criminal charge against him. He says his arrest is, “violation of human rights”.

He said that in past Baloch has a deep rooted historical relationship with Arab nations for centuries when Balochistan was a free country. Baloch have a big population in UAE, where they pay their services in various departments.

He stated, today Baloch nation is colonized and enduring the atrocities of Pakistan, but it does not mean that Baloch have lost their national identity, rather a struggle against this atrocities made our history, culture and traditions more vibrant and strong. In this hard time instead of being charmed by Pakistani occupation, they should read the ground realities and set an example of humanity.

The spokesman stated that Rashid Baloch is a human rights defender and a social media activist. Pakistan has already extrajudicially killed his most number of family members. He seeks shelter in UAE to escape persecution; where he is arrested by intelligence agency of Sharjah UAE and today Pakistan accused him of a culprit in China Embassy attack in order to dupe the UAE government and the world; this is an attempt to suppress the voices, that are raising in support of Rashid Baloch.

The spokesman said, “Baloch have been seeking jobs in UAE for last several decades, one of the major reason is the recent aerial and ground bombardment of Pakistani forces, due to which Baloch are forced to flee other countries for seeking jobs. Thousands of Baloch have moved to Arab countries to get job and escape persecution.

In such state handing Rachid Baloch over to Pakistani authorities is tantamount to extrajudicially killing him; because Baloch nation is going through a genocide; thousands of Baloch have been massacred by Pakistan Army. In such conditions, if Rashid Baloch is handed over to Pakistan, it would put thousands of other Baloch in the utter state of uncertainty those who work in Arab countries.

He added, “ Pakistan is a terrorist state, and has dualistic policy, and by believing it is equal to be cut a sorry figure.” he further added, “While nominating Rashid Baloch in China Embassy attack is an attempt to destroy the means of all survival of Baloch people.”

He also said UAE and other countries should learn a lesson from USA, how did Pakistan betrayed the world in the war on terror.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement appealed to the government of United Arab Emirates, “we appeal to UAE government, whatever charges are against Rashid Baloch, the government should bring him before its own courts to ensure all needs and demands of justice, and by any means avoid handing him over to Pakistan. We also appeal to Arab nation they should honour historical realities and support Baloch national struggle; Baloch nation is struggling for a Free Baloch land which will be the hub of peace and prosperity.

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