We condemn the extrajudicial killing PTM leader Arman Loni. BNM

Baloch National Movement central spokesman has strongly condemned the extrajudicial killing of the leader of Pushtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM), Ibrahim Arman Loni by security forces in detention nin Loralai. He stated, “The extra judicial Killing of political leader is the series of same policy which Baloch, Pushtun and Sindhi, the oppressed nations are facing.”

He said that the extrajudicial killing of Arman Lohi is highly condemnable. “We hope, Pushtun nation will take revenge of the killing of their leader with a more organized struggle.” Added he.

He further added, “Pushtun Tahfuz Movement is struggling against the atrocities on their people with such a great intensity, which would sooner or later forces Pakistan to up its gauntlet before them. Pushtun must realize, the approach and the way, Pakistan has adopted towards them, is a flagrant genocide, and the only way to halt this genocide is to get liberation from Pakistan; which Bengalis did by setting an example and a source of inspiration for the other oppressed nation.”

The BNM spokesman maintained, “Pushtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM) is symbol of revolution against the atrocities of Pakistan, which utterly bewildered the state of Pakistan, and it also exposed the real shape of so-called democracy and freedom of expression in Pakistan. The raising voice of PTM is the real dynamics against the atrocities of Pakistan to Pushtun nation, as result, the state has started the extrajudicial killing of leaders in detention to counter and suppress this voice; so that people may live in a state of fear in order to continue their hegemony on them (Pushtun). And the media blackout made the situation more badly worse.”

The Baloch National Movement’s spokesman assumed: “Pakistan is a prison for the oppressed nations, and the national freedom is the only way to get emancipation from it.”

He declared, “ Baloch National Movement is a prime believer of united struggle of Baloch, Pushtun, Sindhi and other oppressed nations against the barbarities and atrocities of Pakistan; we have already declared to support Pushtun Tahfuz Movement, and will stay on our words.”

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement asserted, “Pakistan is an unnatural and illicit state, which came into being by occupying Baloch, Sindhi and Pushtun lands, and Pakistan wants to maintain its hegemony through torture and terrorism, but history tells otherwise, that the conscious nations cannot be made slave forever through the barrel of gun.”

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