Temporary grievances against Pulwama incident would not counteract the terrorism. Khalil Baloch

By condemning the Pulwama attack on Indian paramilitary forces, chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Mr. Khalil Baloch said that Pulwama attack on the forces is an open message from Pakistan to the world along with India that state sponsored terrorism is an essential pillar of the state policies of Pakistan, and Pakistan is not going to defer from this at any cost; rather it will expand it further. The world should remember that the attack has been accepted by the organization, whose founder Maulana Masood Azhar was released on December 14, 1999 with assistance of Pakistan from a jail in Kashmir, in connection with a terrorist act like hijacking of an Indian passenger aircraft. Immediately after release, Masood Azhar initiated his terrorist activities by establishing Jaish-e-Muhammad.

He said that taking no pragmatic actions by the world along with India against Pakistan, despite the hijacking of passenger plain, release of high-profile terrorists and formation of a terrorist organization like Jaish-e-Muhammad by Masood Azhar in state sponsorship proves that the war against terrorism lacked in a united process to eliminate the terrorism, and divided in vested interests. If concrete steps had been taken (against terrorism) humanity would not have been bled in the hands of a terrorist centric state like Pakistan.

In October 2018, a former Pakistani General, General Amjad Shoaib, told a prominent journalist Hamid Mir that suicide attacks would be carried out in Kashmir. It is clear that the Pakistani army is the creator of all terrorist activities. Meanwhile, when the US and Taliban are engaged in peace talks and there are some deals expected, Pakistan feels itself deprived in the form of Taliban in Afghanistan and (Pakistan) has centered its terrorist activities towards Kashmir. The recent attack is only the beginning and a glimpse, since two decades of the powerlessness of America and its allies against Taliban, Pakistan pronounced itself successful in its strategy, which Pakistan has been doing the shape of religious extremist proxies.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Baloch political leadership had been continuously warning that Pakistan is using terrorism as a deadly weapon to blackmail the world and the state was a nursery of terrorist, where terrorist are trained by state administration and are used against all over the world, particularly in neighboring countries.

He said, “expression of temporary grievances of global powers including India against some major terrorist activities and ignoring the Pakistani aggression against Baloch nation indicates that world is still for away to identify and cure the terrorism which is the clarion call for hundreds of other horrible terrorist attacks.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch said the execution Pulwama attack in the same week when Saudi Crown Prince is visiting Pakistan is very critical, because such incidents are part of religious terrorism and Saudi Arabia is playing a direct role in the creation and promotion of such terrorism. During this visit, Saudi Arabia plans to sign investment agreements on projects, which are in occupied Balochistan, and Saudi has invested millions of dollars for sowing seeds of religious extremism and terrorism here for decades and can be linked with past incidents including the recent one in Pulwama.

He said, “now the time has arrived that the world along with India should take direct action against Pakistan. Expressions of temporary grievances and depriving fromthe list of most favorite nation would not be enough to eliminate terrorism,but cemented action may be taken against Pakistan and to support the Baloch National struggle will guarantee a peace in the region and the world.”

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