An entire family perishes by poisonous food but media and civil society remains silent. BNM

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement has vehemently criticised the role of Pakistani mainstream media that remained silent and ignored the death of several members of a single Pashtun family, including five children among the dead, after eating poisonous food in the vicinity of Karachi. The spokesman also expressed his condolences to the family of deceased.

He stated and declared mainstream media as biased, “here an entire family perishes along with five kids, but civil society and media are silent, while in Punjab, media can make a mountain out of molehill: if a dog or chicken falls into gutter, will be a breaking news in media and TV channels.”

BNM spokesman iterated, the bias, bigotry and collective tendency of fraudulence made it crystal clear that Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir and other persecuted nations are slaves, and the life of a slave is valueless; those perish like Pashtun children after eating poisonous food or being killed by bombardment like Baloch children; a slave will never fit in the shoe of the master.

The spokesman also expressed his doubts that it's yet predetermined to exactly say what actually were the causes of their death, because it is still fresh in mind of us when human flesh were served in an hotel of Quetta city. And in this case, doubt will remain what actually happened with those innocent souls.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement stated that such incidents further ache our pains that are inflicted on our souls, and remind us that Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir and other persecuted nations for their national identity must rank themselves united against this wanton and evil state.

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