Pakistan responsible for instability in region: Khalil Baloch

Chairman of Baloch National Movement Khalil Baloch has opened up about Pakistan’s destabilizing role in the region, especially in the backdrop of the Palwama attack and peace negotiations between Afghanistan government and Taliban. He told this in a video message.

Khalil Baloch said that the regional instability is caused by Pakistan's policy of using terrorism and Islamic extremism as a tool in Balochistan, Afghanistan and India.

The Kashmir problem also exists because of Pakistan. It was Pakistan that didn't give any opportunity to Kashmiris to decide their political future according to the Partition Act in 1947, and it sent its army and terrorist Jihadis to conquer Kashmir. Pakistan occupied a big area of Kashmir.

He said after Pakistan’s atrocities with Bengalis, Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhis and Muhajir, Kashmiris should open their eyes and realize that their future will not be safe with Pakistan. Now most of Kashmiris have given up the slogan 'Kashmir will become Pakistan'. That's why Pakistan created Jaish e Muhammad, Lashkar e Taiba, Jamat u Dawa and these Pakistani terrorist organizations are attacking Kashmir.

He said Pakistan had no interest in Kashmir and it was only interested in Kashmir’s water reservoirs.

He said it has been proven after Palwama terrorist attack that the nucleus and sponsor of terrorism is Pakistan.

About peace negations in Afghanistan, he said if Taliban sat down with Afghan government and found a solution to their problems and participated in the government, then not only the 40-year-long war will end but also the foreign forces could leave the country.

On the other hand, if the Taliban allied with Pakistan to destabilize Afghanistan then there would be no peace in the country and the whole region would be in danger.

He said Afghans had to remember that Pakistan never supported any Afghan group with good intentions, rather Pakistan’s support for such groups always meant to destabilize Afghanistan.

He said without ending the influence of Pakistan in Afghanistan, Afghanistan's sovereignty will always be in danger.

He also expressed his views about foreign investment in Balochistan.

“We have said it in the past too that the CPEC is an imperialist plan in the region. Its repercussions will not be limited in Balochistan only. China aims the takeover of the whole region.”

Like the British East India Company entered India for business and eventually occupied India, today China is doing the same in Balochistan in the name of the CPEC.

The CPEC has caused devastation in Balochistan. Pakistan’s barbarity is at its peak. Hundreds of villages have been burnt to clear the area for CPEC and millions of Baloch have been forced to migrate. Hundreds of people have been killed and abducted.

The list of Pakistan's war crimes in Balochistan is a lengthy one, but its most serious crime are enforced disappearances and kill and dump. Pakistan is violating all that agreements concerning human rights. It is playing Holi with the blood of the Baloch. How can it blame India or any other country for violating human rights?

It’s the obligation of the regional and global power, including India, to act against the terrorist state so that the whole region, including Balochistan, are saved from its barbarism.

Balochistan is an occupied region and any foreign power wishing to invest in Balochistan should align its goals with that of the Baloch. He said if China or Saudi Arabia or any other country ignored the Baloch aspirations and sponsored Pakistan’s terror against the Baloch and the region, the Baloch people will consider them as Pakistan’s partner. “They will not be our friends,” he said.

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