We condemn the raid on Haji Razzaq house and abduction of Baloch students. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson has condemned the raid on the house Haji Abdul Razzaq, a journalist, intellectual and former information secretary of Baloch National Movement, and disappearances of Baloch students in arbitrarily arrest by security forces.

The spokesman stated that for last several years state had been working on the policy of collective punishment and targeting the families of Baloch martyrs which had been relentlessly going on.

He informed that at the same day security forces raided Haji Razzaq house, and Baloch students, shay Murid son of Nazeer Ahmed, his brother Naseem Baloch and his cousin Salman Khurshid who is student of University of Balochistan, and Ishfaq Ahmed a student of Benazeer University were abducted by security forces.

He maintained, “families of martyred are being harassed and the doors of education are being shut to the Baloch students; beating and abduction of Baloch students in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Multan are reflection and continuity of same policy where BSO-AZAD leader Sanaullah Baloch whisked away from Karachi by law enforcement agencies and he is still missing after year of lapse.”

He added that Haji Razzaq was Central Information Secretary of BNM and he was a journalist and esteemed intellectual who was enforced disappeared by security forces, tortured him and later on threw his mutilated body in Karachi. His dead bodies was mutilated and decomposed in such a way where his family members even could not identified him.

The spokesman states that it is a routine work of security forces to harrass the families of martyred and missing persons, and dishonor the last resting place of Baloch Shuhda. Security forces, several time raided the houses of Chariman Ghulam Mohammad, Dr. Deen Mohammad, Ustad Ali Jan and other leaders of BNM.”

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement said, “the enforced disappearance of Baloch political and social activists has took an ugly shape. The families of missing persons are forced to set in strike in extreme cold, torrent rain and heavy snow falls in Quetta for the release of their loved ones. On contrary, security forces are abducting more people and putting them in torture cells.

All institutions of state and so called defender and champion of human rights are equally responsible for these barbaric act.

The spokesman stated, there is a constant rise in the abduction of Baloch students, this Karachi incident, abduction of Sarfaraz from Peshawar, prior to this Jiand Baloch and his you younger brother Hasnian Baloch abduction from Quetta is an attempt to shut the doors of education to Baloch youth.

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