Pakistan's call for ban on extremist groups is to deceive the world: Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Baloch National Movement called the ban an “hoax” on religious extremist groups by government of Pakistan, which is “an attempt to deceive the world.” The purpose of this delay “to buy time for further terrorism,” He expressed his concerns that if India did not take regressive measures, it would be tantamount to provide more chance of doing terrorism. The world must not believe on superficial announcement of Pakistan. And the world should take practical steps to “curb the terrorism” in the world.

The BNM’s chairman stated that terrorist activities are not orchestrated by few terrorists groups, but these are state policies of Pakistan; and Pakistan would never go back from these policies. Such promises Pakistan had made in the past too, on contrary Pakistan strengthened those organizations with more energies and those organizations keep operating with new names.

He said, “these terrorists organizations are national assets to Pakistan which are used against oppressed nations in order to maintain it's illicit identity. After Pulwama incident if India and the world are convinced that Pakistan would sideline from terrorist activities, then they are making a historic blunder, and India and rest of the world would pay for this mistake.

Chairman Khalil also referred how army supported and distributed cash amount amongst religious extremist groups in Rawalpindi.

Khalil Baloch also highlights that how Pakistan is protecting these terrorists by bringing them into the fold of so-called national stream. Pakistan uniforms and recruits these terrorists into military, and assigns them with multiple tasks.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Pakistan is crumbling under intense pressure of Baloch national struggle, Pashtuns movement, and hatred of Mohajir and Sindhi against Pakistan. It is in no position to fight a war against India. In this scenario of its worst situation Pakistan is trying avoid any direct conflict with India. It is successful to escape from a war. But it is clear that Pakistan would again be a threat not only to the oppressed nations but also a threat for the entire world.

Pakistan is using weapons against Baloch nation which it gets by being an ally of US against war on terror. Pakistan has become a safe heaven for terrorists.

Chairman Khalil Baloch stated that Pakistan’s crackdown against Jaish-e-Muhammad is an attempt to deceive the world in order to release the pressure which came after Pulwama incident. Pakistan uses these proxies to create uncertainty in Afghanistan, terrorist activities in India and to counter Baloch national struggle and maintain its hegemony in Balochistan. Thousands of Madarrass which are funded by Saudi Arabia are terrorists training camps under the control of military.

He also refered the case of Hafiz Saeed, when he was incarcerated into house arrest after intense international pressure, but soon was set free; despite of being a nominated terrorist by United Nations, he is freely doing activities in Pakistan. USA also exerted pressure to take action against him but Pakistan practically did nothing against him.

BNM’s chairman also mentioned the name of Daesh-ISIS, Lashkar-e-Jangvi Allami, Ansar-u- Sharia, and death squads, operating under the umbrella of Pakistan Army. Shafique Mengel who was involved in attacking NATO supply to Afghanistan via Balochistan, suicide attack on Shias and Shrine of Seven Sharif is a proxy of Pakistan Army.

Khalil Baloch commented that Pakistan along with its regular army had been trying to crush Baloch national movement with these proxy terrorists groups for last two decades.

“they are fueling religious intolerance in Balochistan, attacking worship places, and martyring Baloch, which is still continue unabated.” All these activities are being directed by Pakistan Army. Military camps are safe refuge for these terrorists.

He said that the only path of getting rid of from the anathema of terrorism goes through from free Balochistan. Time has arrived for India and other world powers must address the mistakes of the past. Pakistan would never surrender from its terrorists activities. The only available solution to tackle this terrorism is to free Balochistan and other oppressed nations from Pakistan.

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