Baloch National Movement releases monthly report of February 2019

Baloch nation is facing worst genocide of its history. Pakistan turned Balochistan into a slaughter house. It is responsibility of responsible international organizations to take immediate actions against Baloch genocide to save Baloch nation from this brutality.

Baloch National Movement's central information secretary Dil Murad Baloch released report about human rights violation in Balochistan saying aggression of forces seen to be worst in this month. Pakistani military carried out more than ninety operations , seventy-two Baloch sons shifted to army camps. During these operations more than two hundred houses were looted and fifty houses were burnt. Awaran, Greshek, Khuzdar, Soorab and Zamuran faced worst kind of operations in the month of February 2019.

He informed, sixteen dead bodies were found in February, among them the causes of twelve death remained unknown. Occupying forces in Kech tortured a young Baloch to death in custody, and handed over his dead body to his relatives. A Baloch student lost his life, due to discriminating attitude of university administration in Quetta. A mutilated dead body was found in Ormara, who was kidnapped and disappeared by local death squads a proxy of Pakistan Army.

In district Kech at Zamuran forces established more than ten new check posts. In Khuzdar Gresha forces built a new camp after forcibly evacuating a house of a Baloch family.

Twenty-nine people were released from torture cells of Pakistani forces in the month of February. Among them one person was missing since 2014, other 5 persons was missing since 2016, one since 2018 and eleven were missing from 2019.

BNM's information secretary Dil Murad Baloch added, saying different areas of district Kech Tahsil Bluleda and Zamuran stayed at special target with district Awaran areas containing Mashkay, Jhaoo; similarly, in Totak, Gresha, Dera Bugti, Soorab and Kahan where occupying forces crossed the limits of brutality.

Dil Murad Baloch said, for the last two decades operations are being intensified after every new government come into power. During eight years of Musharraf regime, not only Baloch mineral resources were looted, but also army carried out operations; burning of houses, capturing and killing of Baloch people were intensified in the excuse of mega projects. Following foot steps of his founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo, People Party continued Baloch genocide and introduced "Kill and Dump " policy. Target killing was used by proxies as a tool to kill Baloch intellectuals, political and human rights activists. Violation of international laws and human rights were intensified during period of Nawaz Sharif and Dr Malik with bloody operations to crush Baloch movement. Several mass graves were found; 179 bodies were founded in Totak Khuzdar in three mass graves. During this period inauguration of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project added fuel to the fire. The population were wrecked into havoc those came on the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) ; many villages were forcibly vacated though military operations, and were forced to migration. Currently about one million of Baloch are forced to live in utter state of miseries as internally displaced peoples (IDPs).

Dil Murad maintained, “Imran Khan and Jam Kamal are not only following foot steps of their predecessors, but also they are delivering a message through abduction of women, children, students from different educational institutions. So they deliver a message that Baloch are slaves, neither they can get education nor freely breath.”

BNM’s central information secretary, Dil Murad Baloch said, “Baloch nation is facing worst genocide of history, Pakistan turned Balochistan into a slaughter house. It is responsibility of responsible international organizations to take immediate steps against Baloch genocide.”

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