BNM observes 27th March as a Black Day

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement says that BNM will observe 27th March as Black Day. All zones of BNM in Balochistan and Germany, UK, South Korea, Australia and Greece will hold references and protests with respect to 27th March.

The spokesman stated that 27th March is Black Day for Baloch nation, when newly established country Pakistan, advanced toward and occupied Balochistan with the power of military. Till that day Balochistan remains a colony of Pakistan. For that day Baloch nation identity culture and traditions fall prey to a such a state which lacked its own history and was created in purpose of safe guarding the vested interest of its Western masters.

The spokesman stated that 27th March fraught with perilous impacts on Baloch nation identity, history, culture and traditions, and conscious nations would never forget the importance of such days; rather those nations observe such days with full enthusiasm. Therefore it is our prime national responsibility to highlight the historical significance of 27th March to our new generation as well as to the world.

While speaking on historical facts and significance of this day, he said, “Pakistan occupied Balochistan on 27th March 1948, and made our centuries old Balochistan its colony. But Baloch nation from the first day started national struggle for freedom, which went through many ebb and flow, and it is continued with full power and energy, and heading towards a bright future. In this national struggle for freedom, Baloch nation has sacrificed a lot, which will continue till the final destiny of national freedom.”

He further added that in order to counter Baloch national struggle and keeping Baloch nation as their permanent slaves martyred thousands of political workers, social activists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, journalists, professors, students and educationist, and thousands of Baloch are enforced disappeared by and they are enduring tortures in Pakistani torture cells. Today Baloch is facing an all out genocide, which is actually continued, one way or another way, from the very first day of occupation.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement announced that BNM would run a social media campaign by using the hashtag of #27MarchBlackDay. And he appealed to social media users to support this campaign on 27th March.

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