Human rights organizations must take action against abduction of Zahid Baloch and others. Khalil Bal

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement said, it is five years to completion of the abduction of Zahid Baloch, ex chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Azad) by Pakistani law enforcement agencies. Chairman of BNM said Pakistan Army has been carrying out atrocities to crush Baloch national struggle, and its security forces are employing all inhuman action. Similarly Ex Chairman of BSO-AZAD also became the victim of same policy of Pakistan when security forces arrested him from Quetta and put him into secret torture cells.

Zahid Baloch, the ex chairman of BSO-AZAD was enforced disappeared by Pakistani security forces on 18 March 2014 from Quetta in front of the eyewitness of some other leaders and members of BSO-AZAD. After passing of five years there is no whereabouts of him. Baloch Student Organisation Azad leader Lateef Johar Baloch also sat in hunger strike before Karachi Press Club for 46 days for the release of Zahid Baloch. The wife of Zahid Baloch along with her infants protested continuously for the release of him.

BNM’s chairman applauded the leadership qualities of Zahid Baloch and his acumen to deal the issue at the time of crisis and difficulties, “Zahid Jan is among our those friends, when that time BSO-AZAD was facing a lot of problems; he bravely faced those difficulties and took the leadership of BSO, and shouldered those responsibilities,”

He further lauded Zahid Baloch for his exceptional and setting exemplary role in the entire history of Baloch Student Organisation by taking BSO-AZAD into the new height of success and educational development of cadres through learning and study circles. “In the Baloch politics, process of learning and study circles, or writing, and an ample amount of work on literature have been done during the decade which belongs to Zahid Jan and Shaheed Mannan Jan, possibly there wouldn't be another example in comparison.”

Chairman Khalil Baloch grilled state of Pakistan which lacked in all moral values, and continuously involved in extreme level of human rights violation in Balochistan where Pakistani security forces enforcedly disappeared thousands of Baloch activists, lawyers, journalists, teachers, doctors, and students. He said that “Pakistan does not have moral courage to bring Zahid Baloch forward and produce him in courts along with thousands of other missing persons.”

The BNM’s chairman addressed to Baloch nation in Balochistan and Baloch diaspora to play their due role in exposing the atrocities of Pakistani forces committing in Balochistan, and directed party members to support BSO-AZAD champion on social media.

He also appealed to all oppressed nations to support 18th March campaign in social media against the enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch and expose the crimes of Pakistan Army and its intelligence which are involved in human rights violations in Balochistan.

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