We accept Free Balochistan as a graveyard but not the slavery. Khalil Baloch to TAG TV

We accept Free Balochistan as a graveyard but not the slavery. Khalil Baloch to TAG TV

If oppressed nations progress their one step towards coalition then we will proceed four steps towards them. Free Balochistan is acceptable for us in the shape of GraveYard but can't accept Pakistan's slavery.

Chairman Khalil Baloch

Tag TV: In Balochistan's escalating problem, what's the role of your organisation which is on frontline?

Chairman: Thanks to you, Tag TV and your entire team. In today's circumstances we are playing a role to convey the voice of Baloch nation to the world. We appreciate your efforts towards Baloch and pay tribute.

In today's situations, Baloch National Movement is struggling as a party of national freedom. Above all, I want to say you that it has been made in such an era when Parvez Musharaf imposed Martial law on Baloch land. That time Baloch National Movement's foundation was laid by founder chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch.

We have focused to abolish the trend of parliamentarian politics which has been trending since last several decades, and to convert their attention and support towards Baloch national freedom.

In my perception, Baloch National Movement has done a considerable work upon it's vision and purpose, gave enough sacrifices, hundreds of cadres have been arrested, are missing. Our chairman was martyred, our Vice president Lala Munir got martyred. So in such situations as political party we have been appreciably successful to mobilise Baloch nation.

Today we see that seventy to eighty percent people are the supporter of Baloch national struggle for independence. Not only in Balochistan but all around the world as far as possible we convey our voice through our literatures, through our statements. We have a diplomatic role. Our foreign secretary Hammal Haider is trying best to catapult that voice.

I think today, the Baloch's voice has reached to length and breadth of the world. There, BNM has a vital role.

Tag TV: You said that Baloch National Movement is the movement of independence and you talked that its going through a political process. Would you like to participate in Pakistan's political framework or will keep it as a freedom movement?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: We never want politics within Pakistan's frame work. Our struggle is only for freedom of Balochistan. National freedom is the main foundation of our party. Baloch National movement will not compromise on this in any cost.

Baloch National Movement's politics is evasive within Pakistan's frame work. We have a party program which is carrying forward the struggle for national freedom by taking our narrative of non-parliamentarian politics apart from Pakistan's frame work.

The purpose of saying is that it is solely struggle for the freedom. Less than that there is no such political process. The matter of adjustment within the Pakistan's framework is not acceptable for the Baloch National Movement. Our hundreds of friends have been martyred for the sake of national freedom. Thousands are missing. We are proceeding their thought and mission which leads to the national freedom.

Tag TV: You said that you will not compromise on anything other than freedom. So your organisation at one level is creating awareness for Baloch peoples rights and freedom. Secondly you said that hundreds of young people have been killed or remain missing. So there is a militancy for freedom as Pakistani army says. Does your organisation has that option directly or indirectly?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: The movement for the national freedom in Balochistan primarily came as a reaction by the Baloch people in shape of Agha Abdul Karim, when Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948. He resisted. So this movement kept going on. In 1980s General Zia announced amnesty for Baloch politicians and tried that they would work in Pakistan's framework. So, there were probably some politicians who selected the same path. After that during the decade of 2000 different organisations came to existence.

Pakistan is a state whose policies and measures to counter Baloch struggle for freedom are extremely vicious and brutal like abducting and detaining political workers in secret torture cells and then killing them extrajudicially. Thousands of such incidents have occured across Balochistan. There are different organisations. Baloch National Movement as a political party tries to convey its voice by democratic process to the people.

Though we were democratic but we see that our cadres have been targeted. Our Chairman shaheed Ghulam Mohammad who played a vital role in releasing John Solecki of UNHCR. This act was praised by the United Nations and United States. Few days before the recovery of John Solecki, killing him (Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad) and his friends was the script by Pakistan, thinking that in response Baloch would harm John Solecki, so that their struggle in the world would have a bad impression and their another wish to bring the Baloch national Movement's team on surface and to target them. I understand that Baloch is moving their struggle forward according to international and human rights laws.

The state (Pakistan) which is obligated to abide Geneva Conventions and bound to the UN rules, but Baloch are following laws more than this state. I understand that neither we agree with the Pakistan's military narrative nor the world should agree.

Tag TV: You said that, you are not agree with Pakistan or it's military stance. But in world's map and UN's map Balochistan is the part of Pakistan. You are fighting democratically for the freedom of Balochistan and for self independence and running a democratic movement that is your right. But state specially Pakistan's military which is a power in front of Baloch people, that power will not be ready to free Balochistan at any case. Thousands of young people have been martyred and thousands are missing and still mothers and sisters are waiting for their brothers and husbands. So in such conditions, do you have any other option to fight with the power?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Tahir Bhai! In world's map Balochistan is being considered as province of Pakistan. Probably the world can not even deny this that Pakistan has occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948. You must have sighted that some papers were leaked by Britain officials that it was aim of Britain that Balochistan should remain occupied. The occupation on Balochistan was illegal, inhumane and was coercive by sending its army whose signs and marks are still present on mosque's tower in Palace of Kalat. Before Pakistan Baloch's independence has been recognized on August 11,1947. But few days later formed country occupied Balochistan after one year while many resolutions had passed in the upper and lower houses of Balochistan that we would not be the part of Pakistan. So it is an occupation, and we are fighting against this occupation. No matter how the world views it.

But we understand that the world has to accept this fact. They can't turn eyes from history or the facts. We want to show the world rather world is not as much immature. What are the interests of the world with Pakistan, that is something else but no one can deny of this fact that the occupation on Balochistan by Pakistan was against the Baloch's will.

Pakistan's army has occupied our land and it's navy which has reached on ports of Gwadar an Pasni entered from Quetta and Karachi which meant that they have occupied Balochistan by force. Our struggle is against this illegal and forced occupation. So our national freedom is our definitive aim and goal.

Tag TV: At present, the new government has come in Pakistan. During few months Imran Khan has claimed that the New Pakistan will be created and also kept advising /reminding India to stop human rights violations of Muslims, Kashmiris and Sikhs. So can we expect that they are contacting your organisation regarding injustices being faced by thousands of sisters, brothers, elders of Baloch nation instead blaming you for terrorism? They will talk to you regarding your problems that they want to solve your problems in New Pakistan. Is there such a situation is made so far?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Our thousands of people are abducted in this New Pakistan, hundreds have been killed. We understand that the role of military and paramilitary in Balochistan, you must have sighted the video which has been viral in social media in which Pakistani ten to twelve army personnel openly fire on young Rafiq Baloch who was killed in Dasht area of district Kech. ‘How much dust wakes with the drops of blood over there’. In such a country where seven years old Aftab is abducted, where sixty two years old women have been abducted, where the same inhumane shameful measures have been taken which the Pakistan army did in Bengal, they are doing the same with Baloch. So it has no right to raise finger on anyone.

In Balochistan, a human crisis has been developed. Tahir Sahib! From there millions of people have been migrated, hundreds of houses have been burnt down or have been bulldozed. So on which ethical basis Pakistan blames India or any other country violating human rights.

The human rights agreement and conventions are are being crushed on daily basis by Pakistan. So we haven't any relation with that Pakistan nor we expect any relation anymore in future. Their new regime has come, are just faces, they change them but the real ruler is army.

He is Imran Khan or else before they have no moral courage or power which the democracy actually must have. We do not want to contact them neither accept their any contact/approach. Yes, we as political party believe on negotiations but on assurance of UN and super powers. We can only talk on the issue of independence, not on another agenda beside this.

Tag TV: You said that you want guarantee by super powers, state of Pakistan committing atrocities on you and the proves are available. So in this regard, super powers are listening to you or ever heard you before, or will they listen tomorrow?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: They have to listen because the terror which has been disseminated in region by Pakistan or the Pakistan's prelude in world. Any incident of terrorism occurs in any corner of the world, somewhere it must be associated with Pakistan. So the existence of such state is a threat for the world.

See, Baloch is a secular nation struggling on the basis of thinking and philosophy of nationalism. The other thing is that this land has its such geopolitical importance that can't be denied at all. We observe that there are any economic, military or political issues in the region, Baloch land is gateway of South Asia and Central Asia. So world will definitely recognize Baloch nation as a buffer state one day. I understand that in this region the most hazardous thing is Islamic extremism.

There is sectarianism in the region but Baloch as nation is pure from such things and have no such interests in it. In other regions which are occupied by Pakistan, there is more extremism and have many more Jihadists. They have more recruitments than Balochistan which are less or imported from Panjab, Sindh or KPK. They have tried failed attempts to contaminate the Baloch's secular nature so in such a way with these ideologies and against country which is an example of terrorism. Baloch are struggling against this.

We understand that as being an oppressed nation we need support and help of the world, but we also understand that the world should support Baloch by recognizing the geo-political importance of Baloch, by focusing it's own interests and by focusing on regional politics, they should accept Baloch nation’s sovereignty.

Tag TV: You said that the world should support Baloch on the basis of its interests and to work ahead for Baloch sovereignty. But the world's second super power China is ally with Pakistan. Will China help you or will go against your interests?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: We never expect help from China. China is directly involved in Baloch genocide. There are forces or China is palpably supporting Pakistan economically. So we can't expect that; nor we ask for help.

We have told them before that whoever invests on Baloch land without the consent of Baloch then Baloch will consider them his enemy. Similarly, China is among the super powers of world but we consider China as our enemy if she wants to pass CPEC over the graves of Baloch people.

We do not expect any help from it. Yes, what China has invested to spread its economy across the world, for which he needs Baloch's land and coast but I understand that Baloch as a nation has compelled China to rethink. Last year, China's vice president said that Pakistan army would get shares from CPEC. These are such things that sounds like that investments would be more than 62 billions but couldn't be implemented because peace is important for investment.

It is necessary to consider the aspirations and opinions of the stakeholder nations. It’s impossible in this time to invest without the will of owners (nations of that regions). Baloch is so sensitive regarding his struggle and land. Baloch loves Balochistan and protects its resources.

Tag TV: You have mentioned China and you have other three neighbours Afghanistan, Iran and India. These countries have many complaints with Pakistan and these all are your neighbours. Can you see any help or obstacle by these three neighbours, in relation to your freedom movement?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Afghanistan is our historical neighbour and we have historical relations with it and I don’t think so that Afghanistan will be an obstacle for us. But Afghanistan itself has become a war zone since the past four decades. Millions of inhabitants, Afghans and other nations have been killed there. Afghanistan is weakened by Pakistan, because Pakistan always wants to keep it under her control. In this case she has been involved in sectarianism, she is also effecting in Iran and in India. So I understand that Pakistan is the common enemy of Afghan, Iran, India.

We hope that they will support our nation against the common enemy. They should have a political role and moral role in supporting of the struggle for freedom of Balochistan.

So it depends on the countries that by which angle they see the Baloch. Baloch hope for peace in the region and all those countries which you have mentioned; if they want peace in their countries then they should take action against Pakistan. Baloch are practically struggling against Pakistan. It is their moral and political responsibility to support Baloch nation.

Tag TV: Baloch organizations especially your political party has been working for a long time for independence of Balochistan. After army operation by Musharraf regime your freedom struggle is getting faster and faster,. But now we see that Pashtun sisters, brothers are raising their voice, sometimes slowly, sometimes in the hard words, especially the PTM says, if the injustices wouldn't stop on us, they remind us the memories of Bangladesh, which means they will also move towards their independence. The MQM's Altaf Hussein by declaring the right of self-determination and has announced to support Baloch. Do you think that you can make a political alliance with Pashtun and MQM?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: It’s a very important question. The biggest thing is that on which points and conditions the alliance will be constructed? The way you define Pashtun seems angry too. In Karachi the crack down on MQM and they have been abducted and many dead bodies have been recovered. Their party was working in Pakistan's framework under Altaf Hussain supervision; not the part of last one or two governments but they had mostly good links.

In Sindh, we see GM Syed supported Pakistan's resolution, but that was Pakistan's behavior, or today what cruel practices are being done with Sindhis, we want to extend the struggle if they have the goals as you said. As you said Altaf Hussain announced the self-determination or what the matter of Sindhu Desh within Sindh, we definitely agree with that in order to make any alliance between oppressed nations. It will be a right step.

My personal effort has been that our party should contact the leadership of PTM and I also talked with Altaf Hussain that we are struggling transparently. We will not compromise at any case and will not expect that our allies to compromise too.

So the matter is that where the targets of PTM will reach and what it wants?Pashtun nation, the way it is being used, the Pakistan's structure is not completely defused in which the Pashtuns are being made a bite. Then we see that nationalism is emerging within Pashtun like in Baloch. We are observing that the radical organisations like TTP (Taliban) talks about the Pashtun nationalism. They say that Pashtun nation should not move on front line, living in western border or war is on Eastern border so Pashtun shouldn't go.

We understand that basic issues are of national states. Formation of nation states is now inevitable. Pashtuns goes towards the nation state, Baloch goes towards the nation state, Sindhi goes towards nation state. So when there are nation states then there will be no trend of expansionist tendencies.

In nationalism there are lesser trends to impose your narrative on someone else or keeping someone under control.

This process is going on. We try to contact through your channel, through media or will get through our personal contacts.

Our efforts will be to protect humanity, human values, ancient cultures and the ancient civilization.

How sad is it that Meher Garh which is eleven thousand years old civilization so by finishing such civilisations by demolishing the Bamiyan civilization, so I understand that it represents Pakistan's mentality. Pakistan wants to erase the identity, culture and civilization of Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtuns and Mohajirs.

Baloch tries till his last breath to maintain his national identity. I want say to Baloch and the entire world that independent Balochistan is acceptable to us as a cemetery than being the slave of Pakistan.

If Sindhi, Pashtuns and Mohajir will come with these conditions; they are our brothers; we will move forward with them and be one voice. We are already in contact with Sindhis. The world has to hear this voice. It depends on the world that what are their priorities. Pakistan has spread an environment of terror in the region. Yet the world helps Pakistan or the voices of oppressed nations, it depends on them.

We are ready for unity. We are ready to convey the voice by different platforms. Baloch has decided that we are not Pakistani. We don't want to live with Pakistan. We try to struggle for our freedom on every level against Pakistan. Now we wait that how much these nations will satisfy with us.

As chairman of BNM I have commitment with these nations, if they progress one step, we’ll move four steps forward.

Tag TV: Recently what are your reservations in the days of tension between Pakistan and India. Now tension seems less. At one time it was fear of a nuclear war. The situation is now less likely to occur. How are you looking this situation .?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Look, this situation should have come before. Regretfully I said that I am not in favor of human devastation and don’t want that innocent people would lose their lives. I am not in favor of nuclear war in the region, but Pakistan has lugged the matter here.

The Kashmir issue is completely artificially instigated solely by Pakistan itself. Pakistan took over Kashmir in 1947. The remaining area that was closer to India appealed India for help. India acted staunchly and recovered the area from Pakistani siege. Now the terrorist militant organizations like Jaish-e-Muhammad, Jamat-u-Dawah, Lashkar-e-Tyabah etc exist in dozens.

If one of them is banned, they will change their name overnight and operate under a new identity but the extremist ideology will only be consistent. The policies run and endorsed by Pakistan itself are the factor that gave rise to India's retaliation. It is not India that wants to retaliate. The countries that you just mentioned are contemplating retaliation towards Pakistan and if so it happens, it is due to Pakistan's policies.

The best solution to this problem is to impose some severely strict sanctions on Pakistan. Pakistan should be kept in its limits. This should also let Pakistan steer clear from the utopia it dwells in of being invincible since it has nukes. Those nukes in fact put it on a far more vulnerable position as their entire artillery is susceptible to siege. What if those very nukes are taken over by the extremist groups operating in Pakistan?

If the world fears Pakistan's nukes getting confiscated by those extremist groups then that says a lot about Pakistani army's status in the world today. If those Jihadi groups do operate in Pakistan, how far is the Pakistani military’s role in letting those groups operate on Pakistani soil? There is no reckoning if those nukes are already in control of those Jihadi groups.

Pakistan has degenerated to a far more weaker position today. The Baloch have continued their struggle against Pakistan since long. Now if India joins in the battle or be it Afghanistan that decides to retaliate against Pakistan, it all works to our benefit. From the Baloch perspective, it's like a good omen. Our enemy is finally getting repaid for the havoc it inflicted on Balochistan so they are only reaping what they sowed- all the better if it's in virtue of India.

The point is, borders and countries should not matter in the war against Pakistani terrorism. Be it Pulwama in Kashmir, Irani territory or Afghanistan, the war should be fought solely in the name of saving humanity and nothing more. Taking a stand against an establishment that trespasses every basic law laid down for preserving the sanctity of human life is only a noble cause.

The way the Indian defense has reciprocated the Pulwama attack is commendable. It has indeed pressurized Pakistan like never before. Pakistan has indeed bowed down to some of the terms India laid out but there is more to the story that India should beware of. I would forward my message to India's defense through TAG TV itself to know that Pakistan is not a country that will give its Indian hatred a rest after a single attack. Pakistan will surely avenge the Balakot attack with another attack on Kashmir or perhaps on areas further inside India.

Tag TV: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers, in case we have missed out on something?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: There is an aggravating problem of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Balochistan who are forced to migrate out of their homes and cities so to make way for the CPEC project to take effect. There have been several villages desecrated to nothing and around 200,000 Baloch have been forced to migrate into areas of interior Sindh and Karachi while some were forced to migrate to Western Balochistan and to Afghanistan. This is something very alarming and needs public attention. Apart from that, the missing persons dilemma is yet to be addressed by the world powers.

The families of the missing persons took the brave initiative of walking a long march that stretched all the way from Quetta to Karachi and then from Karachi to Islamabad in hopes of raising awareness about the issue. There is no doubt, the fact that Balochistan is suffering a humanitarian crisis today.

The helpless civilians are losing their lives ending up as damage in scores. The survivors are inflicted with trauma and are victims of war crimes. They suffer through mental illnesses, deprivation of health facilities, hunger and much more. Balochistan needs its due share of global attention and is in dire need of foreign aid. The United Nations in particular should reach out to the Baloch and recognize them as an identity of their own, regardless of where they live at.

Video Link of this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_3XHvq0ong

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