On 27th March 1948, we lost our two hundred eighty-two years old sovereign state. Khalil Baloch

On 27th March 1948, we lost our two hundred eighty-two years old sovereign state. Khalil Baloch

Baloch nation observes 27th March as Black day. Historically on 27th March 1948, Pakistan occupied Balochistan with the power of the military. In the occasion of the 27th March, Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Baloch National Movement said, “on 27th March 1948 Baloch nation lost two hundred eighty-two years old sovereign state after Pakistan invaded and occupied Balochistan on 27th March 1948.” Pakistan, in order to protect the vested interests of England and the West, occupied Balochistan and made it its colony.

Khalil Baloch stated that 27th March has a long historical background. During Anglo-Afghanistan war, Baloch tribesmen incessantly attacked British troops. The British army was convinced that it would be impractical to establish its hegemony in the region without controlling Baloch nation. Consequently English under the command of Welshare attacked the capital of Balochistan “Kalat Meeri Palace” on 13th November 1839. The Khan of Kalat, Shaheed Mehrab Khan, firmly faced a four times larger army in the battlefield and embraced martyrdom.

He added, mostly British controlled Balochistan through intrigues and agreements; hence, they always respected the sovereignty of Baloch state. During British rule on the Indian subcontinent, they accepted Khan of Kalat as the real ruler of Balochistan. The historical agreements of 1841,1854,1862 and 1863 are proof of such claims.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that when Robert Sandeman was posted, he stated his forward policy by taking the advantage of strain relationships of several Sardars (Barrons) to Khan of Kalat, he pacified the parties, and on the other hand brought under the shadow of British India. In order to increase its influence on Afghanistan and Iran expanded the territories of British India, acquired Quetta, Chaghi and Naseerabad on lease through agreements with Khan of Kalat. As result by uniting these areas which he got through lease; created a Balochistan Agency on 21 February 1877. Later on 18 November 1887 British Balochistan was established by adding some Pashtun areas which British government acquired through Gandamak Treaty on 26th May 1879 from Afghanistan.

Khalil Baloch commented that due to the ignorance of Khan Kalat and rebellious nature of several Sardar a large chunk of Eastern Balochistan was annexed into British Balochistan, and Balochistan was divided through several Commissions. Khan of Kalat appointed Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the lawyer in order to assimilate all those territories which were under the control of British Government, and this paid lawyer of state of Balochistan became the pawn to occupied Balochistan.

He said that Jalawan, Sarawan, Lasbella, Makran, Koh-e- Sulaiman, Kachi, Kharan and those areas which fall into British Balochistan were not separate entities, rather all were integrated parts of the state of Kalat. When British decided to leave Indian Subcontinent and sent Cabinet Mission to India for transferring the power to Indian, the lawyer of Balochistan Mr. Jinnah tabled the case of Balochistan to return the British Balochistan into the hand of state of Kalat. But the British had already decided to create a watchdog state in the region to protect their interests and Mohammad Ali became the best pawn for them.

British knew that without Balochistan, Pakistan would be a useless state. So initially intrigue were started to annex British Balochistan into Pakistan, and the power of deciding the future of British Balochistan were handed to Municipal Committee. Worst of all, Mohammad Khan Jogizai, the legislative member of British Balochistan, announced to attend the constitutional assembly of Pakistan, which was made an excuse to annex British Balochistan into Pakistan.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Lasbella, Makran and Kharan were integral part of state of Kalat. The speeches of Mastung agreement in 1876 are the proof of this that these states were the parts of State of Kalat. Though at the time of partition Jam of Bela and Nawab of Kharan tried to part from the state of Kalat, but British Government rejected their demand. On 4th August 1947, Khan of Kalat asked to merge British Balochistan into State of Kalat before the viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten in Delhi in the presence of representatives of Muslim League. Though they could not reach in an agreement, but both Lord Mountbatten and the representatives of Muslim League agreed on the freedom of Balochistan, and accepted to discuss the issue of British Balochistan in next meetings. An agreement was made on the occasion which is known as Agreement of Jahria.

He added, on 11th August 1947 Balochistan was declared as an independent sovereign state and formed its national assembly consisted of two House: Upper House and Lower House. Pakistan was established on 14th August 1947, when the representatives of Balochistan went to Karachi and discussed the issue of British Balochistan, then Mohammad Ali Jinnah asked the State of Kalat to join Pakistan. Jam Ghulam Qadir and Nawab Habib Ullah had clandestinely met with Jinnah before and expressed willingness to join Pakistan. Prior Jinnah were reluctant and rejected their enterprise because both states were the part of the State of Kalat. On 15 February 1948 in Dhadar, Khan of Kalat put forward Jinnah’s proposal to join Pakistan before the assembly. On 21st February Balochistan parliament once again rejected this idea, as result Jinnah were disappointed and handed over the issue to foreign ministry.

Chairman Khalil Baloch commented that later on Jinnah backed from his position and on 17th March added Kech, Lasbella and Kharan into its territory illegally and opened the way for the occupation of Balochistan. Khan of Kalat protested against the annexation of these states, were paid no heed to his protest. On 26th March Pakistan dispatched its army and naval forces into Jewani, Pasni, Ormara and Kech, and its army entered into Kalat from Quetta. Consequently Balochistan was occupied on 27th March 1948.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Baloch nation from the first day has been struggling against the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and today Baloch national struggle came forward as an organized movement before the world and has convinced the world that Balochistan is an occupied land.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Baloch nation has sacrificed a lot for the national freedom of their motherland and which is continued unflaggingly. Today we are proud that Baloch national struggle instead of relaying on individualistic politics, is heading towards its destination by dent of organizational politics. And that day is not too far when the Baloch nation will get completely rid of the terrorist state of Pakistan.

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