Killing Baloch people and burying them unidentified is a new increment in Pakistan's crimes. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson said, in Quetta declaring 12-persons unidentified and burying them is a new increment in the list of Pakistan's crimes. For this purpose sensibly taking 27th of March to make the Baloch nation realize that they are slaves and the slaves have no fundamental human rights.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan has made Balochistan a slaughterhouse. It has completely taken a serious humanitarian crisis and it is just because of the silence of international watchdogs which getting worst every day after another; mass graves, kill and dump, fake encounters and now declaring missing persons unidentified and burying them. According to Edhi Foundation for last few months, 131 corpses have been declared unidentified and handed over to them. These are being buried into Teramil Dasht and a new graveyard is coming into being. The process won't stop here until international organizations make Pakistan accountable.

Spokesperson said that last day another set of 12-corpses have been handed over to Edhi Trust, and as usual declaring them unidentified. In the modern era, it is impossible to discover hundreds of corpses and they remain without recognition. Due to this process concerns and fears are arousing among the missing persons’ families and in this act Baloch present in Pakistani torture cells and martyr them likewise is to weaken the strength of families so that they should be psychologically and mentally unsettle and leave the struggle for their safe recovery.

He said for the past twenty years Baloch are encountered to genocide. On a daily basis, Baloch are being killed, disappeared, and for previous ten years the families bearing the torture are enough to provide witness that in Pakistan human rights are violated by the power of gun, and in today's modern era declaring hundreds of people unidentified is a witness Pakistan being an uncivilized and non religious.

He said that however Pakistan is doing an open genocide of Baloch and involved in an extreme violation of human rights, in this scenario it the duty of UN and its other organizations to begin look after and the world powers with UN should take notice on Pakistan's wrongdoings and crimes.

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