Creation of nation states has become inevitable in the 21st century. Khalil Baloch

Creation of nation states has become inevitable in the 21st century. Khalil Baloch

Interview of Chairman Khalil Baloch

Demanding self-determination within the framework of Pakistan is like throwing the nation into the ditch. Khalil Baloch talks to TAG TV

The creation of nation states has become inevitable in the 21st Century.

Especially in this region, the nation states must be formed, Here Sindhu Desh should be created. Here are Afghans, they should be given the right to live, their sovereignty and independence should be accepted. It is the time for unity.

Tag TV: What is the Baloch National movement, what are its aim and objectives?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Anees Bhai! above all, I am thankful to you and your colleagues. Baloch National Movement is a national revolutionary party whose basic purpose is freedom of motherland which has been lost on 27th March 1948.

Tag TV: What happened on March 27, 1948?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: On March 27, 1948, Pakistan attacked Balochistan through her Navy and Army, before that she applied her conspiracies by forcing the ruler Khan Ahmed Yaar Khan to annex Balochistan with Pakistan which was rejected by Upper and Lower Houses who stated that we will not annex with Pakistan. We do not agree with this point that Muslims should have one country. If it is so then Afghanistan is a Muslim country, Iran and many else.

(there was deliberation on that point, they were thinking after plebiscite that the Khan of Kalat had signed the paper that we are annexing with Pakistan. Is it so?)

It was done through the use of illegal power. The Khan was arrested and forcefully get signed about which he mentioned in his book and both houses had rejected the proposal then Pakistan's navy force was locomoted from Pasni and Jewani and Pakistan's army came from Quetta and occupied Baloch soil.

Since 1948 Baloch people are struggling for their freedom. They are fighting. They have never accepted annexation, nor they will.

Tag TV: You are fighting from seven decades and demonstrating, a kind of resistance continues for seventy years, why are you so confident? Any international or public power is with you? What do you understand whether in this new era the formation of new states is possible?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: In this time of 21st century, many states have been formed, as far as the Baloch issue is concerned, and annexation with Pakistan that was the desire of British, I have told many times previously that the partition was a step which has a very negative impact on this region.

British wanted to invade Balochistan and tried to get access in Central Asia then Baloch resisted in Dara-e-Bolan. They stopped them (British), it means that Baloch was the obstacle against the expansionist objectives of British. They were stopped because we have historical, friendly relationships with Afghanistan. British attacked Balochistan in 1839, so Mir Mehrab Khan fought against the occupational policies of the British.

Tag TV : By the help of history, we reached here till 1947. From 1947 to 2019, Pakistan has been accepted as a state by other states which have Balochistan as its part and world has accepted that Pakistan has now four provinces.

You say that we will be separated from it and you have one narrative which seems not as much strong, this time, people from this region including Pakistan are standing behind Khalil Baloch or becoming stronger that Pakistan says that absolutely we are ready for a referendum, and let's get apart? What do you expect to be in this century?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Balochistan's struggle depends on the Baloch nation. We expect from world powers and neighbors that because of the geopolitical importance of Balochistan and the secular nature of Baloch nation and for the establishment of peace it is necessary to accept the freedom of Baloch land. As far as the matter of referendum and masses are being considered, then you just remember six years ago when the elections were held on May 2013, the turn out was only 3%, that was their statement and the interesting part is that total vote cast out for the puppet and former chief minister of Balochistan, was elected by only 500 votes, among which 250 votes were sorted bogus after challenging by opposition Ali Haider Mohd Hasni. How do you look it that being a chief minister by dent of only 200 or 250 votes?

Tag TV : It is the joke of century, we accept it, there is a system, no conscious person will accept it and I also agree that your reservations and demand in Pakistan, struggle and resistance because of which the policy of kill and dump has come out, your people have been missing, after which your people have stood behind you and I think world also disapproves the kill and dump policy and that's why global powers are seen to be showing sympathy with you.

Chairman Khalil Baloch: It is a conscious struggle, by saying that it is sudden or we haven't estimated, or we did not know that situation, we knew about the today’s situation in Balochistan and we have to face the challenges in future too. Now see, the kill and dump policy which is to counter Baloch national movement. Many things have come in front of the world, means in Balochistan several mass graves have been discovered from Tootak, Pashin, Panjgur and Dera Bugti.

Secondly, another cemetery has been formed thirty kilometers far from Quetta in Dasht. According to Edhi Foundation, about 131 bodies have been buried here in few months. Beside this the list of Baloch missing persons and the killing of chairman Ghulam Mohammad along with Lala Munir, Dr. Mannan which means the killing of our high profile cadres and a vast list of killed leadership in front of us. More than 60 or 70 of our Central Committee or Cabinet Members have been killed. So these all resent will not stop Baloch or cannot counter the Baloch struggle. These methods are scornfulness. It has appeared in front of the world, and the world has accepted it. Now it depends on the world that how would it stop a terrorist state.

Tag TV: Now I come, you said that the concerns you have, are in its place and has been considered. BNM had played a role in Pakistan's politics and now they said that they have nothing to do with Pakistan's politics. Is it true that you don’t want any relation with Pakistan?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Right. We don’t want any relation with Pakistan neither we want any relation nor we have any desire to work within the framework of Pakistan.

We are separate from Pakistan and we are struggling for national freedom politically distinct from Pakistan's framework. We will move it forward and we believe that similarly leader Ghulam Mohammad has struggled till his last breath, every member of Baloch National Movement has the same courage that they will struggle till their last breath for the freedom of Balochistan.

Tag TV: What is the role of your neighbors regarding Balochistan and what role should they have? Because several times it was blamed that Narendra Modi has mentioned about the freedom of Balochistan in his speeches, Pakistan has sent her dossier to the UN saying that India is interfering with it. What is the truth?

Chairman Khalil Baloch : India is the biggest democracy, not only in this region but in the entire world and I understand that It becomes India's political and moral duty; so India needs to take action against the oppression, against the genocide of not only Baloch but other nations like Sindhi, Pashtuns, Mohajir, as all are being killed. As far as here the matter of Pakistan is, so we do not agree with the interplay of Pakistan that it is a proxy war. If India raises a voice as the largest democracy then it is her duty and Pakistan calls it interference now, but on the other hand, we see the interference of Pakistan in Afghanistan which is our important neighbor. It is clear to the world now. Pakistan in shape of Sartaj Aziz, Shah Mahmood Qureshi or any else, they have accepted that who are the ones who live here, whose family is there, too whom we are providing therapeutics amenities. The biggest ridiculous thing is that last day the prime minister of Pakistan said in his statement that the formation of a care-taking government is essential for the peace in Afghanistan. What do you imagine by this? The prime minister of such a state should raise finger on others that why you have talked in favor of Baloch?

The Baloch genocide is being committed here, the chemical weapons are being used, cluster bombs are being used, they used jet bombs over here, missiles are being implanted in Balochistan, women, and children are tied with chains in Balochistan. In every moment the humans are being abased in Balochistan.

See the cemetery of Dasht ( Tera Meel ), the population of Balochistan is not as much, the cases of missing persons and the demonstration of their families, their DNA test are not being performed that whose body is this? The mass graves are being discovered here. About these mass graves, is it not the responsibility of global institutions that they should pressurize Pakistan that the tests must be carried out? Those people who are protesting in cold rain, in the snowy winds, for their loved ones in Quetta, at least they should know that their brother, husband is alive or not?

Tag TV : There should be closure, that our loved ones have died that we read Fatiha for them, also its sad to see the mass graves in Pakistan and when we say that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan disappearing its citizens then burying them in mass graves, I don’t think that it could be the part of Islam or any other religion. We strongly condemn this act, international institutions also have concerns regarding this issue, a number of your peoples are missing including females and receiving mutilated bodies. You are fighting a war. There is no secret hidden in it, at coming days you will fight against Pakistan or China's army because it seems now there is a huge number of forces in the area and give the picture of colonies. How do you see that?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Anees Bhai! China has a strong estimate of this war. 70 years before China itself fought against Japan and the British under the leadership of Mao Zedong, so China knows very well. China or someone else who will not compatible with Baloch's interests and look out Baloch land as their colony and set their naval base against the will of Baloch and deployed its force any world power who will apply expansionist policies over Baloch land without will of Baloch then Baloch will fight against them for the freedom of their land.

If China sends its army then Baloch has to fight for freedom. Baloch will never be afraid of this. It would not matter that China is the biggest superpower who will come and Baloch should be silent or Baloch will resist or approach the position of compromising, these all are just immature thinking.

It is a universal fact that where the nations start their struggle there will be no choice for such result that there will China come or anyone else. See Vietnam where oppressed nation fought against America, France, and other superpowers.

Tag TV: When I look at the past and watch the old news that operation was conducted at mountains and so many terrorists died, they are the traitors, we have been reading news regarding this, then this process was continued at Karachi, where the term target killers and terrorist has been used and also declared them as traitor. Now the Pashtun belt is being kept at the edge that they are turncoats, they are also not patriots. The same picture was presented and the three large nations were kept at the corners, apparently, now they are keeping themselves at edges. Now the so-called patriots class are those who couldn't handle the country and broke down the country in 1971. In the coming days, their such moves are not visible that it could survive. How you see that the different scripts are being applied to three different nations. Has that time not arrived yet that these all nations should be one voice and wake up for their rights?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: We have been waiting for this movement for a long time. Because it has been the interplay of Baloch and Baloch National Movement that the term terrorist or terrorism is being used, is actually Pakistan itself. He wants to occupy resources and geography through state terrorism and now this is the script, see after two months of the forced occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan, Agha Abdul Karim Khan resisted and struggled against the forced annexation and the process continues. You have discussed 1971; Bangladesh has gone then what is the reason behind its separation? That was the majority, it should have been accepted but in Pakistan, there is no existence of democracy, in Pakistan, there is a specific class who is the occupier, wants to run other nations, now this matter has come to the Pashtuns, Sindhi, and Muhajirs. So it is clear for Baloch that they are not the part of Pakistan nor they will be.

Baloch has their own history which is familiar to the world, before Pakistan the independence of Balochistan has been recognized, on 11 August 1947. British, Jinnah, and leaders of India, Nehru, Gandhi has accepted it. So now it depends on these nations that how they see Pakistan. They want to do something within the framework of Pakistan or separately want their own identity.

We believe that the creation of nation states has become inevitable in the 21st Century, especially in this region the nation states must be formed, here Sindhu Desh should be created. Here are Afghans, they should be given the right to live, their sovereignty and independence should be accepted. It is the time for unity.

Tag TV : My Question is same that the unity of oppressed nations whether you want to be with them or not, Altaf Hussain declared that he talks about the self-determination, about referendum, who wants to live with anyone and gave an example that America has 52 provinces and lived with autonomy they can be in one form so direction represents towards the same ways. It is obvious that you have also contacts to their leaders, have you discussed this with him?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: Yes, I have talked with Altaf Hussain and also with Sindhi leaders and we want it proceed.

You have used the term of self-determination, about which Altaf Hussain has mentioned in his statement; what is the position of self-determination or how this term has been manipulated and Pakistan is not the Soviet Union what provided this right in it's the constitution

. Now the UN should take action on self determination, I understand that it is the duty of the UN to recognize this right and accept Balochistan as an occupied region.

Sindh has become controversial, Mohajirs are being killed and do not want to live with Pakistan. Now the narrative comes from the United Nation on which the discussion is possible or will be monitored but demanding self determination within the frame work of Pakistan is like throw the ng nation ina to ditch. So freedom is the basic culm of Baloch National Movement.

We understand that these nations should talk about their freedom directly. Pakistan is not such a country or democracy where some one expect the self determination.

Look, Altaf Hussain who is the founder of MQM and has been leading it since 35 years, he has a respect in his nation. Which kind of democracy it is that there is no permission for the posters, broadcasting in media and no permission to address with people, so in such Pakistan where there a is conspiracy and attempt to disrupt the structure of MQM. Where through Farooq Sattar the MQM Pakistan has been created or Pak Sar Zameen party has created through Mustafa Kamal, the incident at Nine Zero with Mohajirs, so the purpose of saying is that their should be no expectations from such state.

Tag TV : You are right that state has made many mistakes and it is their responsibility. I often say that the elder realises their responsibility. But you said about the faction of Farooq Sattar, Mustafa Kamal, this is the part the of script but the same process has been applied on you that many parties have been formed who are representing themselves at inter-national institutions and also in social media. Show us a clear picture that who is guiding Baloch nation at this moment?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: As the matter of mentoring, see we have a clear stance that Baloch's mentorship or power is only Baloch which should be the basic editorial.

We see the history, Agha Abdul Karim had struggled, we see the history in the 50s or 70s where movements had been proceeded in shape of Nouroz Khan but the movements were countered or subsided, during the period of General Zia, where they announced for the amnesty where small compensation were provided etc, so to cope with such situations our leaders had created BNM and has become representing party of Baloch nation. It is a national revolutionary party and which has strong roots within the Baloch nation.

I understand that you have mentioned about that it is the tactic to counter or weaken and rule by dividing, so it happens every where, it has happened with Baloch. We believe that people are with us and masses stand with your ideology and have visionary and spiritually relation with you then no one could abolish you.

In 2014 shaheed Dr. Manan was selected as Secretary and then he was martyred, I am also a human being, I can also die naturally and I have an enemy who wants to eliminate me and also my party but we have laid the basis of our party in such a way that doesn't depend on any one. Its principle are not based on personalities but institutions, so the institutional based parties cannot be abolished.

Tag TV : Last days, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement leader and member of National assembly Mohsin Dawar mentioned in his tweet that "Terrorist attacks keep increasing in Balochistan. The target killing of six LEA’s personnel in Sanjawi is strongly condemnable and alarming. This new wave of terrorism in Balochistan needs to be stoped, Patronising militancy for short term gains won’t work anymore.” So after reading this tweet haven't you felt bad that he tweet and mentioned regarding the terrorism in Balochistan?

Chairman Khalil Baloch : Absolutely I felt bad because why you are being the companion of largest terrorist? You are the part of its parliament. Mohsin Dawar has congregational or movement, he showed solidarity in Baloch missing persons camp, we thank him but the word terrorism which has been used, I am not in favor that the humans should be killed but who is killing Pashtuns? Recently professor Arman Luni has been killed.

Tag TV : Keep continue your topic but I clarify that I have also recently talked with Pashtun leaders with Ali Wazeer; he told us about its back ground, the levies staff, all are the local poor Pashtuns who worked over there and work for security and they are being killed by the proxies who are in uniform in broad daylight and change their uniform at night or proxies could be ISIS, Taliban or in shape of Al Qaida and the tweet by Mohsin to stop terrorism, you are talking about the terrorism, their hint was not towards this. Continue please.

Chairman Khalil Baloch : I said, that we never say that humans should be killed but why you do not diagnose about the reasons of these steps?

Look, Afghanistan is the owner of an old, immense civilization, and tradition.

The Afghan nation has ancient history and Baloch have the history which is 11 thousand years old and there is ruins in Mehr Garh which means very old history; 9 thousands years before, here the agricultural system was present. They had the construction etc, so you see what Pakistan is doing? You look at the laws of UN and here the neutral experiments, Pakistan's former official, I don't remember his name, he justifies Jesh Mohammad on Palwama attack by giving reference of different UN's act .

Tag TV: Whether Jesh-e-Mohammad did right?

Chairman Khalil Baloch: They said that Jesh-e-Mohamamad was right. UN's charter allows them for this but on other side Baloch and Pashtuns are terrorists, Mohajirs are traitors, Sindhis are terrorists so it is one-sided analysis.

Matter is that Pakistan's role in this region, and affecting region it will not retaliate there? There won't be any retaliation?

If retaliation will occur then they will be declared as a terrorist. Why? Look at those thousands of people, the levies force or paramilitary or military all are tools of the state, which are applying state policy on oppressed nations but I don't mean that every one should start killing.

Tag TV : Where are you going towards, how you look Balochistan, how long this war will proceed further?

Chairman Khalil Baloch : You are talking about Pakistan's future?

Tag TV : No , I am asking about the future of your vision and hopes.

Chairmen Khalil Baloch : Look! I am hopeful regarding our national struggle, and I am hopeful the negative role of Pakistan due to which it is alone in the region and have no ties with any neighbour even with her special ally America, because Pakistan says something else and does some thing different.

Simple clarification about the future of Pakistan by Wusatullah Khan's "The story of Bakhshu" You must listen that, you will see Pakistan's future, I can't see Pakistan with regards of up coming time. Pakistan's structure will be distracted. Now it is necessary that all the oppressed nations should unitedly push down the debilitated wall.

Tag TV : Thank you so much Khalil Baloch: These all are your opinions ۔ it is not essential that we are agree with them.

Note: Khalil Baloch's interview was live conducted on 28 March 2019 by the Anees Farooqi of Tag TV Canada.

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