The world must take actions after Pakistan army confession for enforced disappearances: Dr Murad Bal

Baloch National Movement Secretary-General, Dr Murad Baloch expressed his opinion regarding the press conference of Director General Asif Ghafoor, the spokesperson of The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) which is the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces. He said that it was the first time when the Pakistan Army admitted the enforced disappearance of people.

In an answer to the question of renowned Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, Asif Ghafoor had said, “like you, we are also concerned about the missing persons, but everything is fair in love and war and we are not doing these for ourselves.” With this statement of ISPR's spokesperson Dr Murad Baloch said that that was not the first time, prior to that Pakistani Prime minister, Imran Khan during his election campaign also had admitted the barbarities of Pakistan Army in Balochistan.

Dr Murad remarked, “This is a confession of war crimes by Major General Asif Ghafoor. Pakistan Army has been killing Baloch like a beast for the last seven decades. With the beginning of the century, Pakistan started the fifth phase of military operations in Balochistan which is continued unabatedly. As a result, more than 40000 Baloch are forcibly disappeared, more than 10000 were extrajudicially killed in detention, through target killing, and were martyred during air strikes and ground operations. And then started the notorious policy of “Kill and Dump” and people were killed in fake encounters by nominating them as a terrorist. Today after the lapse of two decades they have accepted it. For this the United Nations, world powers and human rights organizations must break their silence and hold Pakistan accountable for its crimes.”

He added that Pakistan while using military power, had created a very grievous situation in Balochistan in order to crush the Baloch national struggle for freedom; for this, it is the responsibility of Baloch National Movement and its cadres to be united in Balochistan and other parts of the world. And for this, they must play a vital role before the United Nations and other human rights organizations, because the abductions and enforced disappearances has taken the form of a humanitarian crisis.

He further added, “there is an all-out media blackout in Balochistan and no one will return safe and sound once from here. In such state of affairs, the confession of ISPR is a proof of (human rights violation) army's involvement in Balochistan.”

Secretary-General of BNM said, “the real picture of so-called commission for missing persons became clear. The head of commission Justice Javed Iqbal has been defending army and intelligence agencies though lies. Hence, finally army itself admitted that it is involved in these heinous crimes. The world should take notice of these crimes against humanity.”

Murad Baloch said that the dignity and respect of an individual is more valuable than the security of a state. But Major General Asif Ghafoor in this modern era is using the formula of “everything is fair in love and war” so, they are involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Dr Murad Baloch stated, “The way General Pervez Musharraf threatened the Baloch nation and started their genocide, in the same way, today Major General Asif Ghafoor used the same tone against Pashtun. There is no doubt about it that force is already being used against Pashtun, but threatening PTM for grievous repercussions is a new move to give a new direction to the war and start a systematic genocide of Pashtuns. Asif Ghafoor also justified the martyrdom of Armaan Loni by using the word “killing” for him and “martyring” for army personnel. Pashtun must release that like the Baloch nation, neither their dignity nor identity is secured in Pakistan.”

Baloch National Movement's Secretary General addressed, “We must stay united to get rid of Pakistan.”

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