The abduction of women and children exacerbated as collective punishment in Balochistan. BNM

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement said that Pakistan Army has started a policy of collective punishment in Balochistan since last years. As a result of this atrocious policy Pakistani security forces are committing gross human rights violations in Balochistan by abducting the women and children of political activists.

However, for the last few months, Pakistani security forces have intensified the abduction of women and children in different parts of Balochistan. In this connection, security forces abducted four women and five children from Naseerabad on Tuesday.

The Central spokesman of Baloch National Movement vehemently criticized the inhuman act of Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies when they raided the house of Shaihak Bugti and abducted women and children and shifted them to the military camp. The abductees were identified as Dhando w/o Ratta Bugti, Shozan w/o Shaihak Bugti, Bujari Bibi w/o Shaihak, Pati d/o Karim Bugti, Jameel s/o Karim, 6 years old Batte Khan s/o Shehak Bugti, Zargul w/o Shaihak, 3 years old Amina Bibi d/o Shaihak and Noor Banuk d /o Shaihak Bugti.

The BNM’s spokesperson maintained that earlier security forces have abducted hundreds of women and children from Awaran, Mashkay, Dera Bugti, Makuran, Kohlu, Jahoo, and Hub Choki and shifted them to torture cells. Last year, in the month of July, Pakistani army whisked away Noor Malik wife of Allah Bakhsh and her son and daughters from Alangi Mashkay, they are still missing.

He said, “This is a highly commendable crime but what else can be expected from an unnatural and uncivilized state like Pakistan?”

He added that these atrocities of Pakistan are continued soon after the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and going on till date. Baloch writers, professors, doctors, lawyers, scholars, poets, intellectuals, engineers and people from all walk of life are picked, abducted and killed. Pakistan also used the policy of kill and dump and fake encounters.

BNM spokesman said, ”After experimenting all these atrocities now Pakistani security forces have added and intensified the policy of abduction of women and children. But the Baloch nation is struggling against Pakistan on rational grounds and they cannot be subdued by such mean tactics.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement stated that women and children are exempted and protected by international law in any war zone. But for the state of Pakistan and its army international laws have lost its viability and they are involved in gross human rights violation.

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement appealed to international human rights organizations, international media, and civil society to take notice of Pakistani war crimes so that to avoid an ever-growing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

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