April 2019: Pakistani military continues atrocities in Balochistan. Dil Murad Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s central information secretary Dil Murad Baloch publishes the detailed monthly report of April 2019. The report tells that in Balochistan Pakistani Forces carried out 40 military operations, during which 82 people were whisked away, more than a hundred houses were burned, 14 dead bodies were recovered; from them three were Baloch; those were martyred by Pakistani security forces. The causes of eight dead bodies were not traced and other 3 dead bodies could not be identified. Twenty-eight people were released from Pakistani military torture cells, among them, two were abducted in 2015, seven in 2018 and nineteen were abducted this year in 2019.

BNM information secretary stated: Pakistan Army picked up Abdul Haee along with his daughter Shahnaz, one year old grandson Farhad Jan, Sanam d/o Elahi Bakhsh along with her 5 years old son Mallain Jan and 10 days old Mahdeem, Nazul d/o Meer Darman along with her ten years old son Ijaz and 7 years old daughter Durdana. After strong condemnation and pressure by Baloch nation, were recovered and released.

Beside them, Pakistani security forces abducted nine women and children from Naseerabad, still, they are in the custody of Pakistani forces and their whereabouts remain unknown. Likewise, Noor Malik along with two daughters Sameena, Haseena and 10 years old son Zameer are in Pakistani military torture cells, they were whisked away on July 22, 2018, from Koh-Ispeth area of Mashkay district Awaran.

He said, “Pakistani Army is increasing its war crimes day by day. The silence of international organizations and human rights defenders is lamentable regarding the abduction of Baloch women and children. The Pakistani military has benefited on this silence and turned Balochistan as a slaughterhouse.”

He added, areas of district Kech, Dasht, Tump, Mand and district Awaran’s areas Peerandar, Jahoo and Mashkey remained in the target of forces. Several military operations carried out in coastal areas too. Similarly, the army raided and looted the houses in Mastung, Garesha, Nall, and Naseerabad.

Dil Murad Baloch asserted, “Baloch National Movement appeals to the United Nations and other human rights organizations to take practical actions against Pakistani war crimes so that to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.”

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