The assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on Baloch collective cognition. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch on the 8th martyrdom anniversary of Professor Saba Dashtiari paid richest tributes to him and stated, “the assassination of Saba Dashtiari was the attack on collective cognition of Baloch”. Its purpose was to destroy the Baloch ideological and consciousness nurture of educational institutions in the way of occupation, colonialism and colonial narrative. There is no doubt occupier suffered failure. Sir Saba is alive in the hearts of Baloch youths and till today is fulfilling his vital role to nurture consciousness in the Baloch nation.

He said, “Saba Dashtiyari was an illustrious and the bravest person among Baloch intellectuals. Instead of making the knowledge the ornaments of cognitions and intellect of the books, he in the war of vice and virtue stood in the side of virtue and challenged the vice in Baloch land and wrote a new chapter of righteousness.

Chairman stated that ”I believe that in Baloch national history Saba Dashtiyari was the first intellectual who was equipped with the ideology and philosophy of resistance, stood in the bulwark of knowledge and learning against the guns and proved in the world that knowledge and consciousness are more powerful than atomic bombs. One can kill a man of knowledge with a bullet but cannot suppress his or her ideas.

Chairman Khalil Baloch stated, “no doubt personalities like Saba Dashtyari are born one in centuries. Saba in the field of education and action exposed the Pakistani colonial narrative, colonial education, and colonial system. and he informed the realities of colonial education to Baloch nation especially Baloch youths. Base on scientific education proved it to Baloch nation; Baloch liberation movement is not adventurism against Pakistani military occupation; rather it is part of the historical cycle and evolutionary process whose roots are grown in Baloch motherland.

He said that “Martyr Saba Dashtyari taught us evergreen lessons that the foremost purpose of Baloch lives is to water this movement and, the colonialism only stands on the base of the gun which the occupant only have power of guns, and its bases are shallow and would not take much time to rase into ground.”

Chairman furthermore stated that Saba Dashtyari was a distinct nationalist intellectual and high profile writer. We can find nationalism on his every act. Whether it is the field of language and literature or politics, he wrote lots of articles and authored more than two dozens of books. He was the chief editor of various literary magazines. However, he played a vital role in research about Balochi language and literature and kept the foundation of a library “ Sayd Hashmi Reference Library.

Chairman Khalil Baloch stated that the best way to remember and pay tributes to (Qandeel e Baloch) Saba Dashtyari, is to follow his ideology, philosophy and gain knowledge from his teachings in the mental growth of the Baloch nation. The philosophy and teachings and strong commitment of Saba Dashtyari are not only playing the role of guidance for the Baloch nation but helpful for the all oppressed nations of the world.

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