Worldwide protests by BNM against nuclear tests in Balochistan

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in a statement says that against nuclear tests Baloch National Movement held awareness programs, rally and protest demonstrations against in Balochistan and worldwide. A number of local and BNM members have participated in the programs.

The spokesperson said that the Baloch National Movement Germany zone held a protest and rally in the German city of Hannover against nuclear tests done by Pakistan on the soil of Balochistan in 1998.

Hundreds of participants took part in the demonstration. The members of Amnesty International were also present in the event.

The protesters were holding placards and banners in which slogans were written against atomic bomb tests in Balochistan. The protesters were carrying a replica of Atom Bomb which was the center of attention.

The members of BNM distributed pamphlets to the local people and informed them about the residual effects of nuclear radiations in Chaghi which has caused health hazards like skin cancer, birth disorders, and other diseases.

Later on, protesters rallied in the City of Hannover. The people in rally chanted slogans against nuclear tests and human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistan.

The leaders of Baloch nationalist parties addressed to the people and vehemently criticized the nuclear tests of 1998 of Pakistan in District Chaghi, where local people are suffering from various lethal diseases as the aftermath of the atomic test in the area.

He said that they term Pakistan nuclear asset “Islamic Bomb” which are a threat to Balochistan and the rest of the world. Therefore the United Nations, civilized world and other International Organizations must take notice of the grave situation.

The members of Baloch Republican Party and Free Balochistan Movement also took part in the event organized by Baloch National Movement.

Finally, Hammal Baloch, the president of Baloch National Movement Germany zone stressed to work unitedly.

The spokesperson said that a protest demonstration was held in South Korean city Nampo-dong Busan against Pakistani nuclear tests where a man number of local people and human rights activists have participated.

South Korea demonstrators were holding placards and banners in which slogans were written against nuclear tests and Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan.

He said that party workers also distributed pamphlets in thousands to the local residents informing them about nuclear radiations in Balochistan.

He said that BNM arranged a huge demonstration in front of the Greek parliament where BNM members and Greek locals and human rights activists have participated in the demonstration.

Party senior members Abdul Qadir and Younis addressing to participants said the purpose of our demonstration is to provide information about Pakistani nuclear tests in Balochistan.

The demonstrators were holding placards and banners in which slogans were written against Pakistan and nuclear test.

BNM senior activist Abdul Qadir Siram Younis Baloch, said that the purpose of our demonstration was to provide Pakistan's nuclear weapons experiments and radiations from Balochistan's situation.

The spokesperson said that BNM also held an awareness campaign in Balochistan where a large number of party members participated.

He said that addressing to the awareness program central committee member Banuk Mah Ganj said that Pakistani nuclear tests are war crime because of radiation Balochistan is still burning and various diseases including cancer are common in Balochistan.

Awaran zone General Secretary Zafar Baloch said that Pakistan had cleared by its nuclear tests that Pakistan can do anything to continue Baloch genocide.

Pakistani nuclear tests have converted Balochistan into hell and after twenty-one years, Baloch civilians are still suffering from radiation effects.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan nuclear tests are not just a threat for Baloch but also for the world.

BNM hold protest demonstrations and awareness campaigns every year in Balochistan and internationally to give awareness about Balochistan.

He said that Pakistan is a terrorist state and it is a birthplace of religious radicals and terrorists. There is no doubt that these terrorists are backed by Pakistani Army and it’s secret service agencies. There are hundred percent possibilities that Pakistani nuclear weapons can cause a tragedy.

The spokesperson said that Baloch National Movement has always appealed to the international community that Pakistani nuclear weapons should be taken in custody to save the world from a dangerous plan.

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