BNM condemns non-recovery of Zakir Majeed and the incident of burning VBMP camp

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement in his statement strongly condemned the incident of setting Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) camp ablazed. The Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) camp was burnt down at night of 8th June. On this day a decade was completed to the enforced disappearance of Zakir Majeed, the central leader of Baloch Student Organisation Azad (BSO-AZAD). The selection of this particular day by intelligence agencies of Pakistan was a clear message that Pakistan would suppress all those voices which are raised democratically against human rights violations. It is an attempt of Pakistan to suppress the voice of victim families of missing persons. Such nefarious attempts would expose the lies and ghastly face of Pakistan.

He added, "Ten years are completed to the abduction of Zakir Majeed, during this period his family has been going through mental agony like others thousands of the victim families. The movement of victim families and their peaceful demonstrations have continuously been conducted for the last ten years. Farzana Majeed, sister of missing Zakir Majeed Baloch participated the long march from Quetta to Islamabad which was organized by Voice For Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP). The Pakistani media didn’t only cover the massive and historical long march but also the participants of the long March were inhumanly attacked several times."

He further added," A decade is completed to the camp of Voice For Baloch Missing Persons. In this duration, Sabeen Mehmood who raised her voice for missing persons was martyred and renowned journalist Hamid Mir, who spoke once for the missing persons was also targeted."

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement assumed that the behavior of common masses of Pakistan during this historical March was the reflection of the state policy of maintaining a relationship of oppressor and oppressed. They remain totally oblivious to the pains of the Baloch nation which is continuing till date. Such situations prove that not only we are an occupied nation and territory but also it is a proof that Balochistan and Pakistan are skies away from one another.

He furthermore added that the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons' camp has completed a decade and Mama Qadeer Baloch has created a history of continuously sitting at hunger strike camp. If he had recorded his demonstrations done in the civilized world then surely he would have been honored and rewarded for his long struggle but in Pakistan, one can easily gauge the position of law and humanity where even democratic process and peaceful struggle are not allowed. That’s why the camp for the Voice For Baloch Missing Person is repeatedly under attack. Last year, in December, the victim families of Baloch missing persons' demonstration was stopped. It is a slap on the face of a so-called independent judiciary and so-called independent media because judiciary does not take notice and media doesn’t dare to report the realities.

The spokesperson said that such reactions are expected from Pakistan. We don’t hope anything from Pakistan. It’s the responsibility of international human rights organizations to take notice of Pakistani barbarities. The entire world is aware of these facts that Voice For Baloch Missing Persons is a human rights organization who desires to recover the enforced disappeared people but Pakistan has decided to crush the struggle of the human rights organization through military power.

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