Barbaric military operations continue in Bolan and Harnai: BNM

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement in his statement strongly condemned the Pakistani military operations in Bolan and Harnai. He said areas of Margat, Bazagar, Chahladdi, Jahalddi, Sarosangan and different of Harnai, Shahrag, Yakhulak, Laki, Garbuk are under the military siege since 13th June. In these areas, the civilians are in the target of horrendous military operations. According to latest updates, several villages have been burnt and helicopters have been shelling on different areas.

He said ”prior to this Pakistan Army carried several military operations in these areas but the current military operation is the biggest military operation. The regular army and air forces are targeting civilian populations, thousands of people have been affected in this military operation. As per updates, several people have been martyred and several people have been whisked away. Similarly, security forces have burnt down the houses and looted the livestock. Hence it is hard to access the exact number of damages and causalities done by Pakistan Army due to blockade by area. We have fear that Pakistani military is going to create a new history of killing and atrocities in these areas.

He asserted: "simultaneously Pakistan Army is busy in massive military operations in Awaran and in Dasth and due to media blackout, news of such bloody military operations goes unnoticed in the civilized world and are buried under the carpet. Pakistan Army proceeds towards aggravated military operations, which is a daily routine for the last nineteen years. During these military operations, Pakistan Army brazenly tramples human rights and international laws under boots. Wherever Pakistan Army carries military operations, it does bring a hell of atrocities and barbarism.

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement stated,” United Nations and international human rights organisations should take notice of continuous Pakistani military operations and dire situations of human rights. A humanitarian crisis in Balochistan is already emerged due to the silence of international human rights organisations. Humanity is at stake in Balochistan. Pakistan is committing crimes against humanity in Balochistan and the silence of World bodies is a question mark on the soul of the world."

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