The abduction of Ali Haider Baloch is a heinous attack on the raising voices of human rights

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that Ali Haider Baloch son of the missing Ramzan Baloch had been whisked away by Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies from Gawadar. The abduction of Ali Haider makes this clear that Pakistan is fully committed to suffocate all those voices which are raised for the release of their loved ones who are of missing persons and are in torture cells.

"The abduction of Ali Haider is a heinous attack on the voices of human rights. Ali Haider's father, Mohammad Ramzan, was whisked away by Army personnel in front of his eyes from Zero Point Uttal of district Lasbela on 24th July 2010. Like thousands of other enforced-disappeared Baloch, Ramzan Baloch was also extrajudicially enforced disappearance and deprived Ali Haider of his childhood and put a heap of difficulties over his young shoulders. But this brave child did not lose his hope and set a prime example of struggle which will always be remembered in the history of mankind." said he

He added," the position of Ali Haider is not only being a son of an abducted father; rather he is an example and a symbol of courage for those thousands of people who are raising their voice against Pakistani brutalities. Ali Haider has been deprived of the innocence of childhood, education, and entertainment but he has struggled tirelessly for the recovery of his father and thousands of other missing persons. His struggle is not only a golden chapter in Baloch history but also of the world."

The spokesman stated that while abducting Ali Haider Baloch Pakistan proved that let national struggle keep aside, the state is even fearful of campaigning for human rights. This fearfulness of the state can easily be measured by its atrocities and barbarities on the Baloch nation. But Pakistan cannot suppress Baloch national struggle and Baloch nation by inflicting atrocities on them.

The spokesman remarked, "Ramzan Baloch belongs to Mashkey and he had been an active member of BNM. He went to Gwadar for the search of a better livelihood. Nine years ago, Pakistani forces arrested and shifted Mohammad Ramzan to torture cells. His son Ali Haider and others are the eyewitnesses of this abduction. Ali Haider did historical struggle for the release of his father but he failed to bring his father back home. Unfortunately in this long struggle he himself now became a victim of enforced disappearances and brutalities of Pakistan."

He asserted, "on one hand people are continuously being whisked away, and on the other hand, the dangerous process of depriving people of demanding the release of their loved ones is continued unabated. A few days back the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons' camp was set ablaze. Whereas, the Army and Intelligence agencies of Pakistan are threatening people from the very first day. The abduction of Ali Haider Baloch is a clear indication that Pakistan has decided to crush the voices which are raised for the release of missing persons, who are enforced disappeared by security forces of Pakistan.

The spokesperson appealed: "We request to human rights organization, political and human rights activists and social media persons as of their national and humanitarian responsibility to raise voice for the safe recovery of Ali Haider Baloch and thousands of missing persons in hands of Pakistan military and intelligence agencies."

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