BNM runs online campaign and demonstrations for safe recovery of Dr Deen Mohammad

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that on 28th June a decade would be completed in the abduction of BNM central leader Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch. Baloch National Movement would hold awareness campaign and demonstrations on the tenth years of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch’s enforced disappearance, in Balochistan and other parts of the world. And in this occasion a social media campaign by hashtag of #SaveDrDeenMohdBaloch would also be run. He stated: "Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was whisked away on duty from Ornach area of district Khuzdar on 28th June 2009 by Pakistani intelligence agencies and ISI. He has been in Pakistani torture cells for last ten years. It is beyond to measure that in what conditions Dr Deen Jan’s family, relatives and his political colleagues gone through. But Baloch nation for thier greater purpose is enduring such pains and agonies with great courage. The journey of national struggle for freedom is a golden chapter that every page is a story of everlasting sacrifices.

The spokesman added that the family of Dr Deen Mohammad had done historical struggle for the safe recovery of him. His daughters at first participated in train long march and later on they took part in historical long march from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi, and had played vital role in infusing energy into the struggle for missing persons. Central Spokesperson of Baloch National Movement asserted, "BNM has employed all democratic means of struggle for the safe release of its central leader. Therefore, on 28th June Baloch National Movement will hold awareness programs and demonstration for the safe recovery of Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch, in Balochistan and others parts of world. Baloch National Movement will hold awareness programs from centre to zonal level in Balochistan and others parts of world, and to shed light on the struggle and sacrifices of Dr. Deen Mohammad, and the war crimes of Pakistan in Balochistan.

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