Dr. Deen Mohammad’s disappearance: BNM protests in Germany, UK, Netherlands

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said that on occasion of the completion of a decade to the enforced disappearance of Baloch National Movement’s leader Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch, BNM held demonstrations and awareness campaigns in Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

The spokesman stated that in Germany at Düsseldorf, Baloch National Movement held protests and distributed pamphlets and huge numbers of BNM members participated in the event. The protesters were holding banners and placards, displaying the portrayal of Dr. Deen Mohammad and his daughters' l

ong struggle for the recovery of Dr. Deen Jan on photo biographical sequel.

The demonstrators distributed thousands of pamphlets among local people, which those informed about Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch’s abduction and completion of a decade of enforced disappearances by the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies. The local people were informed about the worst human rights situations in Balochistan and Pakistan policy of Islamization to use it for sponsoring terrorism.

He further informed that UK zone distributed leaflets on eve of international day in

support of torture victims, in Tufflet Square London. These leaflets were about the enforced disappearance of Baloch National Movement leader Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch.

He added that Netherlands zone held an awareness campaign on the day of Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch abduction. In these demonstrations, the protesters distributed pamphlets and run awareness campaign among the local people in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands.

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement stated that the local people read

the leaflets, expressed their solidarity and hoped that international human rights organizations would succeed in stopping of serious human rights abuses in Balochistan.

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