UNHCR should ensure the protection of Baloch refugees. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement, in his latest statement said that human migration has continued for thousands of years. People from war-torn areas are forced to migrate and move to other countries seeking refuge. In this regard, the civilized world has formed laws and signed treaties for the protection of refugees' lives and properties.

He added, "Today Baloch people are facing the same crisis. Due to ongoing state terrorism, exploitive mega projects, millions of people were forced to leave their homes and live a life of a refugee. Presently thousands of Baloch have sought State protection in Afghanistan, Iran, Arabian Gulf, Europe, America, Korea, Australia and other parts of the world.”

The chairman further stated, "Pakistan in a well-organized way is conducting a genocide of the indigenous people of Balochistan. Security forces are bulldozing the houses, thousands of people have faced enforced disappearance and thousands of others are killed. All available means of their livelihoods have been destroyed. As a result, the indigenous people have tried to seek protection for themselves and their children and have opted the life of refugees."

Chairman Khalil Baloch stressed that like other refugees of the world, Baloch refugees are entitled to get the same treatment which is guaranteed by international laws and treaties. The States in which the Baloch have sought asylum are bound to provide protection to their lives and properties and ensure their fundamental human rights.

He said that a great number of Baloch refugees are living in Afghanistan due to the aggressions of Pakistan. Unfortunately, they not only lack their fundamental rights such as health and education but also their life is under constant threats from Pakistan. "Baloch refugees in Afghanistan are always a target of Pakistan. In past Baloch refugees were attacked, as a result, several people lost their lives in those attacks, and recently Pakistani intelligence agents are active in Afghanistan and have carried out several deadly attacks on Baloch refugees; last night a Baloch refugee, namely Arzoo Marri was assassinated by these Pakistani agents which is highly condemnable. It shows Baloch lives are not only in danger in their own land but also abroad." He added.

He showed concerns that now Baloch are not even safe in Arabian gulf due to the hapless episode of human rights activist Rashid Hussain Baloch.

Rashid Hussain Baloch had been residing in the United Arab Emirates. He was enforced disappeared by UAE security forces and under in incommunicado arrest for six months before his extradition to Pakistan. The government of the United Arab Emirates should have tried to understand the fact that Rashid Hussain was a human rights and social media activist. Pakistan had already extra-judicially killed several members of his family. And he sought refuge at UAE where he was arrested by security forces of UAE. Baloch National Movement had already condemned this act of UAE government. Handing him over to Pakistani authorities is disappointing and against the humanitarian values. The extradition of a human rights activist to Pakistan on the ground of suspicion for his involvement in the attack of China’s Embassy in Karachi is illegal and is tantamount denying justice to him.

Chairman Khalil Baloch appealed to the United Nations and UNHCR that they should ensure the protection of Baloch refugees, their properties and fundamental human rights, because not only Pakistan is engaged in the genocide of the Baloch people, but also the refugees are not secure in other parts of the world due to state-led terrorism of Pakistan. It is a serious question on the competency of international human rights organizations.

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