Dil Murad Baloch releases Detailed Monthly Report for the Month of June 2019

Pakistan Army conducted 70 military operations; 81 persons were enforced disappeared, and 24 dead bodies were recovered; in the meantime, 150 houses were looted in these military-led operations. Dil Murad Baloch Information Secretary BNM

Dil Murad Baloch´s detailed report in response to the Balochistan´s puppet government's attempts to make controversial the issue of enforced disappearances by issuing false and fabricated reports.

He said that Pakistan had always been attempting to hide its war crimes. Despite these attempts, Pakistan had failed in its endeavors and its atrocities are visible to the world. In addition to various other forms of atrocities, forces are whisking thousands of people away, that is why the state had tried to stir controversy with regards to the number of enforced disappeared persons. The so-called puppet government in Balochistan and the judicial commission are playing a vicious role in these attempts.

A few days ago, Zia Langvo, the home minister of Balochistan, had said that they had received the list of 110 missing persons, whereas they had already released 200 missing persons, which itself contradicts their claims as the ruling government of PTI had only earned the support of Sardar Akhtar Mengal's Balochistan National Party (BNP-M) based on the promise that the Government would release 5000 Baloch missing persons.

Information secretary Dil Murad Baloch repudiated such false claims by providing the details of enforced disappearances in Balochistan in 2019 during the military operations: in the month of January 108 persons were whisked away, in months of February and March 72 and 72 persons were picked by army and intelligence agencies. 87 were whisked away in April, 49 persons in May and 81 people went missing in the month of June, which means a total number of 469 persons were abducted by Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies.

BNM information secretary Dil Murad Baloch also said that on various previous occasions the Pakistani official themselves have admitted their war crimes in Balochistan. In 2016, Sarfaraz Bugti, the former home minister of Balochistan, himself told the media that between the years 2015 and 2016, 13575 people were arrested during 2825 different military operations carried out under National Action Plan.

Prior to this, Home Secretary of Balochistan Akbar Hussain Durrani had said that the forces have arrested 11000 persons in 2015. In 2004 Aftab Ahmed Sherpao also admitted the arrest of 4000 Baloch. The travesty of justice is that Pakistani state did not bring a single person before any Court and the international bodies kept silent on it and did also not bother to question Pakistan nor did any single organization exert pressure on Pakistan. This apathetic response of the world organizations provided Pakistan a free hand to accelerate its level of atrocities in Balochistan.

Dil Murad Baloch further said that when it is possible to put off air the Ex-president of the state and joint chairperson of the largest party of the country Asif Zardari’s interview in the middle, then one can easily gauge the situation of the oppressed and persecuted nations. That is beyond one's comprehensions.

He added that the atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan and on its people look fictional and movie based to the people of the civilized world. Unfortunately, Baloch has no media of its own in order to bring these harsh realities and atrocities before the world. And the so-called media of Pakistan is operating on the directions of the army. Pakistani media is busy in either promoting military narrative or spewing dirty propaganda against oppressed nations. There is no doubt about it that Pakistan media is on the same page with Pakistan Army and establishment.

Dil Murad Baloch was remorseful about the role of international human rights organizations as they have till date failed to provide justice to the Baloch, but Baloch National Movement would keep raising its voice about the war crimes of Pakistan in Balochistan. He added that Pakistan had crossed all limits in carrying out the genocide of Baloch nation. Thus, it is the duty of the United Nations and other International Organizations to take immediate notice of on-going atrocities to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

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