BNM holds a demonstration in UK against the deportation of political activist Rashid Baloch from UAE

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson in a media statement said BNM UK zone conducted a zonal cabinet meeting, chaired by zonal president Hakeem Baloch. Various agendas were discussed in the meeting, including the grueling human rights violations, enforced disappearances of political workers and dumping of the innocent abductees' dead bodies by hands of Pakistani intelligence agencies and its local death squads.

He said that Rashid Baloch's extra-judicial arrest and his subsequent deportation to a terrorist state like that of Pakistan is condemnable. The United Arab Emirates has trampled the dignities of human rights laws and ethics in siding with Pakistan by taking this action. No law of the world permits of such acts. If anyone is accused of a crime, they have the universal right to speak in their defense but UAE didn’t follow any legal precedence and opted to deport Rashid Baloch without a legal trial and an opportunity to defend himself.

They decided that BNM UK zone will hold a protest against the deportation of Rashid Baloch to the terrorist state of Pakistan, on Friday 19th July from 12: 00 to 2:00 in front of UAE embassy in UK. BNM UK appealed to human rights organizations, Baloch political, pro-independence parties and Baloch community to join our demonstration on Friday 19th July to raise voice for Rashid Hussain.

Additional decisions from BNM UK were taken to organize other programs and the schedules of which will be announced later.

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