BNM will hold a conference in Germany on the occasion of 11th August

Baloch National Movement Germany zone will hold a conference at Frankfurt (Oder) on the occasion of 11th August. The purpose of the Conference is to highlight the historical importance of 11th August as that day in 1947 Balochistan declared its independence from British colonial rule.

On August 11, 1947, Balochistan was declared as an autonomous and independent country by the British government. Later, on 15th August, the Indian subcontinent was set free from colonial rule by forming two newly states i.e India and Pakistan. Soon after freedom, Balochistan, known by its old name of Kalat State, formed its governmental structure on the democratic basis by forming a national Assembly which was comprised of two Houses, in a somewhat similar fashion as of England, namely the House of Lords and House of Commons.

Head of Balochistan, Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, without wasting time called for general elections and as a result Kalat State National Party formed the first elected government in Balochistan. Though, on 27th March 1948, Pakistan used force and forcibly occupied Balochistan. Hence, over the years, to date Baloch consider and observe 11th August as a symbolic date of national liberation from British colonial rule.

The speakers of the conference will also shed light on the gross human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies since the last seven decades. They will also address the participants about the exploitive policies and projects of Pakistan e.g China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its severe repercussions on the Baloch nation and Balochistan.

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