BNM will hold demonstrations and a march in South Korea against Chinese and Pakistani barbarism tomo

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson said “we will hold demonstrations and a march on 2nd of August in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. This march and the demonstrations aim to highlight the enforced disappearances of thousands of Baloch people. It is also to protest against Chinese expansionism, who is participating in many expansionistic projects with utter disregard for human rights in Balochistan.

China is on the same page with Pakistan in conducting Baloch genocide and also involved in illegal arrest of Rashid Hussain by UAE and his unlawful deportation to Pakistan. During the protest, pamphlets will be distributed and the memorandums will be submitted to the United Arab Emirates and the Pakistani embassies and the Amnesty International South Korea office.

He said: at first demonstrations will be held in front of the Chinese embassy at 10 o’clock.

Secondly, a march starting from Hanging Jin station at 10 o' clock will be conducted and will continue till 3 O’clock. In the end, another demonstration will be conducted in front of Amnesty international South Korea office.

The spokesperson stated: It is our foremost obligation to uncover the Pakistani barbarism in front of the civilized world. Likewise, we will make all efforts to show the real face of Pakistan in front of the South Korean Government and its public. Pakistan has colonized Balochistan and is committing brutalities in this modern era. Our attempts to persuade the international community to take action against Pakistani barbarism, atrocities, and war crimes would continue in all international forums.

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