14 August is a black day for the whole world. BNM

The Partition of India on religious bases and the subsequent occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan is a historic tragedy. Baloch national movement

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement said that 14th August is not only a black day for the Baloch nation but for the whole world. This day the western powers created Pakistan by dividing India for their future political-economic and military interests. The newly formed Pakistan with British military power snatched the independence of Balochistan and occupied Balochistan after seven months of Balochistan's independence.

The spokesman said that the partition of India on the base of religion and the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan is a big historic tragedy. The division of India on religious basis has had a profound impact on world politics, culture, and psychology.

Today as the world is facing religious extremism and suffering from Islamic terrorism, all this is affiliated with the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. On that day, the partition of great India in the name of religion took place and religious sentiments were used to divide the lives of thousands of people. Certainly, hundreds of millions were affected and Pakistan occupied Balochistan and snatched our national sovereignty and threw us into the abyss of slavery. Hence, the Baloch genocide is continued for seven decades as a consequence of the forceful annexation.

He said that those nations who participated as the vanguard in creating Pakistan faced the worst barbarism in Pakistan's history. The Bengali nation was quite lucky that they got freedom in a short period, but Sindhi Baloch and other nations are still bearing the oppression of Pakistani tyranny.

Though the British attacked Baloch land in 1839, officially the status of Balochistan was different from Hindustan. Despite the aggression, expansionist ambitions, and interference of British, Balochistan remained successful in safeguarding its sovereignty till 27 March 1947. After partition, Pakistan with military aggression occupied Balochistan.

He said that from the first days of occupation Baloch nation resisted against Pakistani occupation instead of accepting slavery. This struggle of resistance and sacrifices despite facing many ups and downs is still going on. We consider it an achievement of the Baloch nation which convinced her brotherhood nations that Pakistan is the pivot of terrorism and with the existence of Pakistan, the regional peace and security of the world is impossible. Today the realization of the world particularly the unity of Baloch will create possibilities in future which definitely will be beneficial for the region.

Baloch National Movement considers that Pakistan is not only an occupant on Baloch land and the enemy of Baloch but the enemy of the countries in the region and an enemy of humanity. Baloch are not fighting only for the defense of themselves but the whole humanism.

Today the countries of the region should go for an alliance to fight the exporter of terrorism and the enemy of the humanism. An alliance is the need of time for the nations of the region. The Baloch nation is deprived of a sovereign state but could be a strong ally against the combined enemy.

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