Continuous struggle is sign of victory for Baloch nation. Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement's central information secretary, Dil Murad Baloch released the details of the cabinet meeting and said that the third BNM central cabinet meeting was held on August 6, 2019, under the chair of Khalil Baloch. The meeting was attended by Secretary-General Dr. Murad Baloch, Information and Cultural Secretary Dil Murad Baloch, Deputy Secretary-General Ustad Babul Latif Baloch, Finance Secretary Nasir Baloch, Labor, Farmer, and Fisheries Secretary Aslam Baloch.

Various agendas, including party affairs, Balochistan situation, regional and the global political situation were discussed and various decisions were taken in this regard.

Addressing the meeting, Chairman Khalil Baloch said, "The cabinet meeting is being held after a long period due to enemy's repression and daily military operations in Balochistan. At this meeting, political leaders like Dr. Murad Baloch has replaced the seat of Dr. Mannan Jan and I hope that he will try to fill the vacuum of Dr. Mannan Baloch in the party."

Chairman Khalil Baloch said, "The enemy has crossed all limits of brutalities and oppression to undermine our movement. The continuation of Pakistan's naked aggression, military operations and genocide of Baloch nation have become the routine practices; despite these atrocities, our enemy has failed to suppress Baloch nation, and the continuation of our struggle against Pakistani aggression is a victory symbol for the Baloch nation. Baloch nation including leaders, cadres, and activists of the Baloch National Movement have made immense sacrifices in maintaining this momentum towards our destination"

He said that Pakistan, with its terrorist policies of bullets and bombs, has been operating for decades in the region. Now the situation is changing, and the nations of the region are realizing that Pakistan's existence is cancer for the region, and in its presence, peace and prosperity will remain an illusion in the region, so the Baloch nation is ready for a joint front against the common enemy. We hope that regional and global powers will consider this.

Addressing the cabinet meeting, Secretary-General Dr. Murad Baloch said that today not only the political but also the geographical situation of the region is changing, as well as the interests and priorities of global powers are also shifting. Various wars are going on in the region, but it is important to see which forces are using the war or the movements to accomplish their just goals. The Baloch national struggle is an indigenous movement in the ongoing wars or movements in the region. The multi-dimensional Baloch national movement is a product of its historical values, spiritual relations with the mainland and the oppression of the occupiers and sense of enslavement and it has no other ulterior motive.

He said that just as the Baloch nation could be affected by the impact of the Great Game in the region or the world, in the same way, many countries or their interests are also being affected by our war, including both the allies and rivals of Pakistan and in this situation China is at the top of the list. China entered here with imperialist ambitions and has made extensive strategical exploitive investments in the guise of development projects and has been allotted thousands of acres of land from the Baloch mainland just for Chinese settlement.

China is building a Marine Naval Base in Jewani. Thousands of submarines have been deployed in Gwadar. Besides, it is seeking to complete a larger project for further settlement. Pakistan and China want to bring about demographic change in Balochistan. Even people like Dr. Malik Baloch who are national defector and ally of Pakistan are compelled to admit that only the sand and gravel of Balochistan is being used and rest of the labour and machinery comes from China and all the benefits of these exploitative projects are flowing to China, and people of Balochistan are not profiting from it.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that when the buffer status of Afghanistan ended, many countries made efforts to access hot water of Balochistan. Russia's intervention in Afghanistan was not limited to Afghanistan; it intended to reach in Balochistan. Failure to this end was a failure of Russia and its allies, but today China with its tremendous wealth has invaded the Baloch mainland with its imperialist ambitions. Here we are concerned that in the interest wars of the world, every power wants to protect its interests. At the time, the trade war and strategic war between the US and China is also on the rise.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that today the most important position in the abruptly changing situation is that of the Baloch nation. Baloch land and its geographical and strategic importance have become the focal point. In such political and geographical situation and in consideration of the different interests of the war, it depends on the Baloch nation on how it organizes and safeguards its national struggle, national identity and defends its land on the political and diplomatic front in the global war of interests. And how can we protect our national struggle in case of the cold or all-out wars of the superpowers; there is no doubt that the situation in the region and the interests of world powers will try to influence us. If we remain in false illusion and with a myopic policy, then we may fail to defend the interests of the Baloch nation and we will have to suffer the consequences of these failures for centuries to come.

"The weakest aspect of our national movement is the diplomatic front in the political arena," he said. Due to the short age of the party-based movement and our inadequacy on the diplomatic front, we have not succeeded in achieving the successes that our movement demands. The modern age demands work on the diplomatic front on an emergency basis. There is a need to adopt modern methods for this purpose."

Dr. Murad Baloch said, “As Baloch, we have got recognition in the world. Balochistan is being recognized as a conflict region worldwide. Different countries are accepting Baloch as war refugees. Political workers are being given political asylum on the basis that Balochistan is a war-torn and a conflict ridden region in which Baloch genocide is taking place. It is also the success of our movement that today China is openly announcing that it will give the Baloch privileges if they (Baloch) are ready to compromise, and it means that China has realized that relying only on Pakistan it cannot make moves into Balochistan. The Baloch nation has severely damaged Chinese interests and Chinese imperialist plans have flopped in Balochistan."

Talking about the situation in the region, Dr. Murad Baloch said that the situation in the region seems to be moving towards war, but in reality, the global or regional forces are busy trying to fulfill their interests through the diplomatic front, through their proxies and maintaining a cold war. China and the United States have become major commercial and strategic rivals. Here India is emerging as a major economic and military force, but as friendship and hostility between world powers builds and deteriorates on the basis of interests. We have to see where Baloch national interests are aligned with, because of this critical situation, the Baloch nation needs to act safeguarding their interests. By building sentimentality or air fortresses, we won’t serve Baloch national interests but will cause immense harm.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that we are deprived of the media. Pakistani media is one-sided in promoting the unilateral Pakistani military narratives and propagating consistently against the Baloch nation, but social media allows us to spread our voice effectively and systematically to the world. Party workers must use their skills in this field to spread the Baloch national voice throughout the world.

Various decisions were made in the meeting including organizational matters, the welfare of the Baloch refugees. The meeting also decided that reference will be held at the central and zonal level on the martyrdom anniversary of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti on August 26, 2019. Reference will be held in Balochistan and around the world in memory of the martyrs every month. Details of other decisions will be communicated through circulars to relevant zones and regions.

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