World Humanitarian Day asks the world to come help the people of Balochistan. BNM

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson in his statement said that the United Nations is commemorating 19th August as World Humanitarian Day to encourage activists who are devoted to the humanitarian cause. This is a great step but the United Nations should take small human rights activists and organizations on board and create a strong link with them. This is the best available option to access the war-stricken regions and to obtain information and help the natives and affected people in the process.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement stated that today the world is grappling with many unprecedented natural disasters and wars. The Balochistan crisis is one among these, where the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies are playing with the blood of the Baloch nation. They have robbed the people of Balochistan of the right to live. Thousands of people are forced to live a pathetic life as refugees in different countries.

He added, "this day asks the entire world that humanitarian organizations should come forward and help the people of Balochistan. Balochistan is going through the worst phase of its history. Thousands of Baloch are forced to live the life of refugees in western Balochistan, Afghanistan, America, Europe and other parts of the world."

The BNM’s spokesperson maintained that people of Balochistan are living in extremely pathetic conditions in western Balochistan and Afghanistan. Unfortunately until date they have received no aid from any international humanitarian organization nor from United Nations. In such state of affairs, it is the utmost responsibility of the UNHCR to recognize Baloch as refugees and facilitate help for them.

The spokesman of Baloch National Movement appealed to International Human rights organizations to come forward and help the affected people of Balochistan against Pakistani aggression and alleviate their sufferings.

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