Enforced Disappearance Day: BNM Protests in Britain, Netherlands and Germany

Baloch National Movement’s spokesperson in a statement said that on the eve of International Day of Disappeared, protests were A joint protest was held German city of Göttingen, Netherlands’ city of Hague and 10 Downing Street in the UK's capital city of London. A memorandum was presented to the British Prime Minister regarding Pakistani state barbarism and serious human rights violations.

Along with BNM, BSO Azad, BRP, BHRC, World Sindhi Congress (WSC), Nations Without States (NWS) and human rights activist Noor Maryam Kanwar also attended the London protest. Demonstrators chanted slogans against the disappearance of the missing persons and for their recovery. The protesters were holding banners and placards of the missing persons.

"The purpose of our today’s protest is to tell the world the truth which the Pakistani military has been hiding," BNM Foreign Affairs spokesman Hammal Haider Baloch told the media. We are here today to explain the

ongoing human tragedy in Balochistan. He said that Baloch political workers are forcibly disappeared and kept in jail for years and then the corpses are dumped in deserts, forests, roadsides, and rivers.

Hammal Haider added that BNM also presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's House, which provided information on Pakistani barbarism and brutality. He added that it is time to remove the veil from Pakistan's devil face so that the world can recognize the true face of Pakistan and ensure the independence of Balochistan by supporting the Baloch national independence movement.

BNM UK Zone President Hakeem Baloch, BSO London Zone Representative Ehsan Baloch, BRP UK Chapter Finance Secretary Nisar Baloch, WSC leader Dr. Hidayat Bhutto and NWS leader Graham Williamson addressed the demonstration.

Addressing the protesters, Hakim Baloch said that the world should play a positive role by ending its silence

on the serious humanitarian problem in Balochistan. "There may be a weakness in our process so that the world may not yet hear our voice, but we must jointly convey our message more vigorously to the world," he said.

Nisar Baloch, leader of the BRP UK chapter said: "We believe that unity is the most important condition for national independence. If we can create unity in our ranks, then surely success will be the destiny of the Baloch nation." He added that all political activists are the product of BSO. BSO activists must resolve every issue with serious dialogue.

BSO UK zone representative Ehsan Baloch said that hundreds of BSO-Azad leaders and workers were forcefully disappeared and subsequently martyred and their mutilated bodies were thrown into the deserts. Most of the central leaders of the BSO Azad are still imprisoned in state prisons.

In his address, Dr. Hidayat Bhutto said that the pain of Sindhi and Baloch is common. They face the same kind of cruelty from the common enemy. The Sindhi nation always stands alongside our historic brother nations. He further said that the world should put sanctions on Pakistan by considering its reality. It must be ensured that Pakistan stays away in violating human rights.

Speaking at the protest, Graham Williamson said that our organization stands with all the nations of the world and voices for them. "It is said that people are missing, imprisoned for years, and in most cases, their bodies are not even found by the families while families spend their entire lives waiting for their missing loved ones," he said. "We are with them in this struggle of the Baloch nation and will endeavor to bring a common voice to all corners of the world so that all oppressed nations can be heard," he said.

BNM Netherlands zone protested before the International Court of Justice in Hague. BNM activists, as well as locals, participated in the protest. The participants protested against the violation of human rights in Balochistan. The slogans were chanted and pamphlets were distributed to commemorate the day. Speaking on the occasion, BNM Netherlands Organizer Kiyya Baloch said that Pakistani military and intelligence agencies in Balochistan are violating human rights. The international community needs to take action against Pakistan on the worst human rights abuses and Baloch genocide.

The spokesperson said the protest also took place in the German city of Göttingen on the

eve of International Day of Disappeared. Apart from the party workers, locals also participated in the protest. Protesters shouted slogans against Pakistani barbarism in Balochistan and distributed pamphlets to locals. Addressing the protesters, Deputy Secretary of the BNM Gottingen Unit, Fareed Baloch said, "Today, on the occasion of International Day of Disappeared, we are here to inform the locals that the Pakistani army and other institutions are committing war crimes in Balochistan, and we appeal to the world community to take steps to recover the Baloch missing persons."

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