Collective punishment is continuously being used in Balochistan: BNM

Spokesman of Baloch National Movement said in a statement to the media that the Pakistani army is targeting people in the worst mass executions in Jhao area of ​​Awaran district. In the latest wave of operations, hundreds of people have been detained, shifted to military camps and torture cells in the past four days, where they are being inhumanely tortured. Some of them have later been released and are in very critical conditions.

The spokesman said that most of the areas of Jhao; Gazzi, Sawadan, Kareem Goth, Dumb Gazzi, Mulla Gazzi, Kooto, Sistagan, Malan, Bagari Zeelag and Baag are suffering from this military barbarism. Due to ongoing operation and barbarities, the routine life is suspended. Transport is non-existential, houses and shops are out of stocks. Those who are wounded due to military violence, receiving no medical aid. On the other hand, operations are being intensified, and fresh troops are arriving in the area. The army has created a blockade denying access and exit from the area of Jahoo.

The spokesman said that an undeclared curfew was imposed in Jahoo. The occupying army had blocked all transit routes, the occupying army is creating a new history of brutality in the area. It was for the first time that all the people of such a large area had been detained and transferred to the camps. People had been dumped inhumanly like cattle into army trucks and shifted to military camps, where they are being tortured day and night.

Some of them had been released after the inhuman torture due to shortage of space in the military camp.

He said that due to undeclared curfew and the ongoing brutalities, the injured are being provided unprofessional medical services on a self-help basis. Today, those who were released from various areas including Bagadi Zeelag were injured, Mohammed Hassan s/o Sher Mohammad, Imtiaz s/o Eid Mohammed, Sawali s/o Khair Bakhsh, Abdul Qadeer s/o Waleed, Shakeel Ahmed so Dil Murad, Juma s/o Dil Murad, Sabzal s/o Rozi, Mohammad Hayat s/o Naik Mohammad are still an unconsciousness state. Apart from this another estimated hundreds of people are facing brutalities in the camps. Many of them suffered severe injuries as broken legs and limbs and suffered serious head injuries. If the blockade of the area remains in place people many may lose their lives.

Baloch National Movement spokesperson said that the recent wave of brutalities of Pakistan is part of its horrendous policy of collective punishment. Pakistan believes that with state terrorism, it would prevent the Baloch nation from supporting and joining the national movement but history proves in the war of vice and virtue, it seems impossible either to destroy or defeat a nation that stood on the right path.

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