Without UN intervention Pakistan will continue its bloodbath in Balochistan.  Chairman Khalil Baloch

The chairman of Baloch National Movement Khalil Baloch in a statement on the 42th session of the UNHRC Human Rights Council in Geneva said that the UN and its affiliated organizations need to act practically on the humanitarian crisis of Balochistan. Because Pakistan is clearly committing war crimes and genocide in Balochistan. Chairman Khalil Baloch said the main purpose of the formation of the United Nations and its agencies is to protect the human sanctity from violation, but criminal negligence on the issue of Balochistan has become a question mark on the existence of these institutions. It is impossible to protect human sanctity on the basis of mere discussions in the annual session of United Nations. He said that Pakistan's barbarism has reached its peak in Balochistan. Humanity is being trampled on daily basis. Pakistan started the Baloch genocide soon after the occupation of Balochistan which has continued with intensity and has now reached its pinnacle. Pakistan has no regard for international laws and regulations. The UN Human Rights council session is taking place on such an occasion, when the sufferings of Baloch nation has reached the highest point of its history: villages are being erased; thousands of people have been killed, and thousands are facing the brutality in Pakistan’s torture cells. Until now these international institutions have not taken any action. Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the main aim of the establishment of the UN was to solve the problems of nations. Similarly, the problem of Balochistan is a national issue. Therefore, the atrocities of Pakistan and the Baloch genocide demand intervention from global institutions. Pakistan's promotion and out sourcing of terrorism, using religious extremism as a weapon and the historically worst barbarism in Bangladesh prove that international intervention is the only way to save humanity in Balochistan. Untill and unless the UN and international organizations intervene on the issue of Balochistan, the blood of Baloch, including the Sindhi, and the Pashtun will continue to be spilled. The extent of brutality in Balochistan is more severe than the way Pakistan had inflicted cruelty on the Bengali nation. He said that Pakistan is not only committing genocide and war crimes against the Baloch, Sindhi, Pakhtoon and other oppressed nations, but also is responsible for the bloodshed in the whole region. Pakistan has bathed the whole region with blood. The spread of terrorism in all neighboring countries and around the world is part of Pakistani fundamental policies and would never withdraw from that. If the international community continues to show similar negligence towards Pakistan for its own interests, the debt of humanity will burden them more. Chairman Khalil said that UN Human Rights Council, during 42nd session should announce clear agenda on the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. So that, not only stop the genocide of the Baloch nation by Pakistan but secure the peace of this region and the world while getting rid of the demon Pakistan.

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