Pakistani barbarism: BNM Information Secretary releases the report of September 2019

Baloch National Movement’s Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch announced the monthly report of September 2019. He stated that Pakistani security forces conducted 50 military operations in occupied Balochistan. In September, 42 people were enforced disappeared. In the same month, 35 dead bodies were found, among them, 8 dead bodies were beyond recognition, those were handed over to Edhi Foundation and later on buried; whereas the cause of the other 14 deaths could not be confirmed. Another three people embraced martyrdom during torture in the captivity of the security forces, while another person succumbed to death from his torture injuries in Agha Khan Hospital Karachi after being released from the dungeons of the Pakistan Army. Another 4 people were killed by fake encounters in police firing, among them, one was killed by Gwadar police and the rest of three were killed by Sindh police in Karachi. And 4 people were killed by state-sponsored death squads. Among them, one was a member of the Baloch National Movement. 24 people were released from the torture cells of security forces of Pakistan; among them, 3 people had been abducted in 2018; 2 were in 2017 and 18 people were enforced disappeared by security forces in 2019. Security forces also looted more than 200 houses during these military operations.

Dil Murad Baloch said, "Zafeer Baloch, a zonal leader of Baloch National Movement was abducted by security forces during a military operation in Awaran. Later on, he was shifted to the army camp, where he was brutally tortured. As a result of brutal torture, he embraced martyrdom; whereas his dead body was handed over at the local hospital. In District Kech, Bibi Mamal the sister of Dad Dost son of Haji Waheed breathed her last breathes in the futile hope seeing her brother again, who was forcibly disappeared previously."

The Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement Dil Murad Baloch commended the courage of Hani Baloch for exposing the brutalities of Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies. Hani had herself been a victim of enforced disappearances by the Pakistani intelligence agency. Hani Gul was subjected to enforced disappearance along with her fiancé Mohammad Naseem. After three months of continuous physical and mental torture, she was released by the Intelligence agency, but her fiancé Mohammad Naseem is still in the custody of Intelligence agencies, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Dil Murad Baloch said, "Pakistani army has been targeting people of Jahoo and punishing them while employing the policy of collective punishment. In the ongoing week-long military operation more than 400 people were arrested and shifted into military torture cells from the villages of Dumb, Gazzi, Sawadan, Karim Goth, Dumb Gazzi, Mullah Gazzi, Koto, Sistagaan, Mallan, Bagaadi Zeelag, and Baag. Reports of them being brutally tortured in the military torture cells are coming out from several people who have been released after this inhuman torture. The army has imposed a total curfew in the area and no one is allowed to get out of the area, not even to access medical treatment for those who have sustained injuries during their detention; the majority of the released people's health conditions is also very critical."

He also stated, "The brutality and oppression are continued in the width and breadth of Balochistan. People are still being extrajudicially killed. Edhi Foundation buried 4 dead bodies without identification in September. A graveyard is built in Tera Mill, Dasht, where dead bodies are buried without identification by the Edhi Foundation. The burying of dead bodies without identification in this modern world verifies that these are the dead bodies of Baloch who are abducted by Pakistani security forces in the last decade. When a few human rights organizations took notice of the policy of enforced disappearances and abduction or "Kill and Dump”, as a result of this, Pakistan adopted a new policy of fake encounters. Now the new government has raised a graveyard in the name of unidentified people.

Dil Murad Baloch said, "Brutal military operations are going in the areas of Jahoo, Mashkey, Awaran, Kech, Dasht, Kharan, Panjgur, Parom, Washuk and Kalat. The life of Baloch people is safe nowhere in Pakistan. Military and Intelligence agencies have got the license to kill anyone belonging to the Baloch nation which is mounting to a genocidal level. International Laws, rules and regulations and human values are non-existential in Balochistan."

He further added," On one hand, military and its institutions, and on the other hand are their partner death squads organized like Al Shams and Al Badr of Bangladesh. These bands of death squads are mainly assigned the task to target the Pro-freedom political workers. They in accomplice with the army are involved in several organized criminal activities like theft, robbery, international drug trade, and extortion."

Dil Murad Baloch said that the Baloch nation is going through the worst phase of history. Baloch's genocide is continued unabatedly. Against the all odd, Baloch national struggle did not let Balochistan be a war-booty and resisted every move of the enemy, forcing Pakistan Army to establish its occupation in Balochistan through inhuman brutalities. It is one of the reasons that with every passing day, the brutalities of the enemy and its war ambitions are increasing. On the contrary, the Baloch national resistance and determination getting occupation are getting stronger with sheer commitment to liberate Balochistan from the evil hands of Pakistan.

The central information secretary of the Baloch National Movement made it clear that a humanitarian crisis has evolved in Balochistan due to the brutalities and barbarities of Pakistan, which should pave the way for international intervention because Pakistan and its army are ruthlessly butchering Baloch nation. And so forth the existence of Pakistan is a symbol of instability in the region because its existence is yoked with terrorism. If the world bodies further delay in intervening in Balochistan, the entire world will surely drift into a historical crisis.

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