BNM held different programs on occasion of Martyrs Day

Baloch National Movement Central spokesperson said that Baloch National Movement held references and conferences on 13th November in Balochistan and other parts of the world in memory of Baloch martyrs. The participants paid tribute to the fallen heroes of the Baloch nation and vowed to continue their mission till the freedom of Balochistan. A huge number of party workers, students and people from other nations and countries also took part in these programs.

The central program of the Baloch National Movement held under the presidentship of information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch. In which Dil Murad Baloch said that this is the day of remembrance of our national heroes; those who sacrificed lives for the sake of national dignity. They preferred martyrdom instead of living the life of slavery. They gave sacrifices on various fronts of national struggle and became immortal in history. We all know this life comes once and life is so precious but an individualistic life is of no worth. Our national dignity, national freedom is much greater and will always remain so. We are lucky that we have such great mothers those who happily send their children for the national cause and they do not mourn their martyrdom, rather sing the song of happiness and joy.”

He further added, “ there is no doubt about this that today is the day of our martyrs but we have to bear it into our minds that their mission will never go forward only paying rich tributes to their sacrifices. They have played their due roles but their mission is still not completed. Now it is incumbent upon us to carry their mission forward. This is the day to assess our responsibilities and address our weakness.”

Dil Murad Baloch said that the martyrs did not sacrifice their lives for individual gains, rather they sacrificed their lives in view of national responsibility. The journey of sacrifices will continue for the accomplishment of the greater cause. Balochistan is one of the richest lands in the region, but our this struggle is not only for the natural wealth of Balochistan, rather we are struggling with the vision that Balochistan is our motherland and we are the son of this land and will be buried in the womb of this land .”

“the most beautiful factor of our national struggle is that Baloch men and women are fighting this war shoulder to shoulder and there is no discrimination at any level. Today’s Baloch is lucky that we are part of our national struggle. We should accept and realize the fact, that today we have more facilities, well equipped compared to the past. Despite this, if we step back from our responsibilities then the history will never forgive us.” cautioned he.

The central spokesman also said that the Baloch National Movement held a program in London city of UK,

where a great number of Baloch workers, Baloch women and people for other nations took part in it.

The foreign secretary of BNM, Hammal Haider Baloch, Abdullah Baloch, World Sindhi Congress leader Dr. Lakku Lohana, Human rights activist Noor Maryam, Nation Without State leader Graham Williamson and the vice president of BNM UK Zone Hasan Dost addressed to the audiences. They observed one minute of silence in memory of Baloch martyrs. All the speakers paid rich tributes to the national heroes of Baloch nation those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of a free Balochistan.

Hammal Haider Baloch said that Pakistan's establishment has failed to suppress the Baloch national struggle for the last twenty years. And he paid the right tributes to the families of Baloch martyrs and missing persons.

Baloch National Movement Germany Zone held a program in the Hannover city of Germany and they lit candles in remembrance of the fallen heroes. The senior leader of BNM and former finance secretary of Germany zone Johar Ali aka Baba Bohair addressed the event and paid tributes to the fallen heroes of the Baloch nation.

Various reference programs were also held in the

Netherlands and South Korea and Balochistan, where the worker and leader of Baloch National Movement paid rich tributes to the national heroes of the Baloch nation and they vowed to continue their struggle till the achievement of freedom for Balochistan.

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