Condolence on death of mother of Dr. Khuda Bakhsh and Badal Khan. BNM

In a condolence statement, the spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement expressed deep condolences over the death of Badal Khan and Noor Bibi, the mother of Dr. Khuda Bakhsh Baloch, Central Committee member of BNM. We pray may their soul rest in peace.

The spokesperson said that BNM's Badal Khan, son of Hotuman resident of Mashaki Murmasi died of a prolonged illness. Badal Khan always remained in favor of the Baloch political activists. His family has always been the target of the Pakistani military, intelligence agencies, and local death squads, and the women and children of the family have been imprisoned and tortured. But Badal Khan always supported the Baloch freedom seekers. His services will always be remembered.

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