30th January, 4th martyrdom anniversary of Martyrs of Mastung

Baloch National Movement’s central spokesman has paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Mastung and said,” four years ago on 30th January Pakistani forces stormed into the house of Baloch National Movement (BNM) member Ashraf Baloch in Killi Datto and martyred Dr. Mannan Baloch and his friends, Ashraf Baloch, Hanif Baloch, and Sajid Baloch and Babu Nouroz Baloch. After the lapse of some hours, Sarfaraz Bugti, then Interior Minister of the puppet government of Balochistan not only accepted the responsibility of martyring the members of the Baloch National Movement but also labeled them as the commanders of BLF. Form this act it can be easily assessed that how Pakistan was fearful of Dr. Mannan Baloch's political and democratic struggle. The state did not have the gut to call him a political figure.”

The central spokesman added, “Pakistan security forces, their paid agents and media were barraging that with the martyrdom of Dr. Mannan Baloch, the national movement for freedom of Balochistan will come to an end. Like other occupiers, Pakistan also lacked in comprehending the fact that Dr. Mannan Baloch had already cultivated an ideology,

commitment and the philosophy of sacrifices into the coming generations. After the four years of his martyrdom, Baloch National Movement and Baloch national struggle for the freedom is smoothly inching toward its destination. The same drumbeat of the dismemberment of the Baloch National Movement could be heard in the mouth of the occupying state on the martyrdom of the Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. But today the Baloch national struggle comparatively to the past is in better shape on the base of Baloch nation’s support. The Baloch nation has completely decided that their existence is associated with national freedom.”

He further added, “The martyrdom of Dr. Mannan Baloch was the continuation of the policy of martyring Baloch national leaders, workers, and the intellectuals. Among the companions of Dr. Mannan Baloch, Baba Nouroz Baloch was highly learnt and had a great political vision. Shaheed Ashraf Baloch was a senior leader of the Baloch National Movement who had been engaged in politics from the student life. Shaheed Hanif was a senior leader in the Baloch national struggle. Sajid Baloch was a devoted young. They all became immortal by embracing martyrdom with Dr. Mannan Baloch.”

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement directed the all zones of BNM to organize programs and references in memory of Dr. Mannan Baloch and his companions on 30th January. In the wake of this event, the BNM will organize an online program where the senior leaders of the Baloch National Movement will express their ideas and experiences. Baloch National Movement will also run a social media campaign while using hashtags of #Shuhda_E_Mastung and #IamDrMannanBaloch.

The central spokesman of Baloch National Movement appealed to the social media users to actively participate in the social media campaign by paying tribute to the hashtags #IamDrMannanBaloch and Shuhda_E_Mastung to expose the atrocities of Pakistan to the world.

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