We pay tributes to Shaheed Rahmdil Baloch. BNM

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) paid tribute to martyred Rahmdil Baloch, saying that Shaheed Rahmdil Baloch was a senior and sincere activist of the BNM. He was the caretaker president of BNM Kech region. He was martyred in Western Balochistan. Shaheed Rahmdil Baloch started his political journey with BNM in 2008. He, along with party leaders like Shaheed Razzaq Gul, Shaheed Suleman Baloch, played a significant role in making the party active in areas like Kech, Kolwa and Gorkop.The spokesman said that in this war of truth and falsehood, BNM's comrades have made many sacrifices. They are still adhering to this philosophy, standing like a wall in front of the enemy and continuing the struggle for the independence of Balochistan. The sacrifice of BNM, martyrdom and enduring tortures in secret cells epitome of courage and bravery of Baloch.He said that Shaheed Rahmdil Baloch was a resident of Sami, Kech district. When a Baloch-killing project like the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) started, his village was also affected like hundreds of other villages. He was forced to migration and migrated to Kolwah. When the military operation and vandalism began in Kolwah, he faced many difficulties and problems.The spokesman said that after the operation and vandalism in Kolwah, Rahmdil Baloch went to West Balochistan instead of abandoning his ideas, and started working in a shop. But our enemy was embittered due to the struggle and ideology of our workers even in life as refugees and could not refrain from using its proxy to target them. Under these circumstances, on the evening of March 4, 2020, Rahmdil Baloch was shot dead by proxies of Pakistan in Chabahar, West Balochistan.He said that Baloch National Movement (BNM) is the heir of the martyrs and pledges to fulfill the mission of the martyrs. The murder of Rahmdil Baloch is the continuation of the murder of Baloch political activists. Under this tactic, the occupying state of Pakistan is trying to keep the Baloch away from the Baloch national struggle. But the Baloch nation has proved that the height and intensity of the atrocities could only heighten the morale and increased the hatred of the Baloch children. Today the Baloch nation struggle reached in such a position where atrocities and barbarism will only increase our resolve rather than to decrease it.

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