Due to the outbreak of COVID19, diplomatic activities, protests have been postponed. Hammal Haidar

Baloch National Movement foreign spokesperson Hammal Haider Baloch in his statement said that due to the outbreak of a pandemic, coronavirus, diplomatic works, important meetings, seminars, party programs, and demonstrations and protests have been postponed for an undefined period.

He said that in this duration they also called off several important meetings, including two scheduled meetings with members of the British parliament.

He said that on 15 May an important meeting was scheduled which had been postponed for an undefined period. Though the zone members of BNM had met with the secretary of the members of parliament and discussed an expected meeting in the future. They were assured of a probable meeting as the situations come to normalization.

Hammal Haider Baloch said that Baloch National Movement had planned to organize an international conference in 2020. “The planning and preparations were under process, but due to the gravity of the situation, we are forced to postpone it. As soon as the situation turns better we will make sure this vital program will take place in the possible expected time,” remarked he.

Hammal Haider Baloch also said that in July the members of the Baloch National Movement had to attend a conference in Wales and deliver a presentation. Though this program was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak; hence, the organizer of the program assured them to invite the members of BNM in the next possible program in the future.

Hammal Haider Baloch said the state atrocities are even continued in this hard time of coronavirus outbreak in Balochistan. The cases of enforced disappearance are still in practice and cases of throwing of mutilated bodies are still going on relentlessly. Army has also intensified military operations. There is no doubt about this we immensely feel the importance of this delicate situation and of our activities, that is why BNM was planning to organize program by the time of the United Nations session of September. If the pandemic of coronavirus comes under control, all these activities are the part and parcel of our future programs.

He appealed to all party Diasporas, “I appeal to all members and sympathizers of the party to use the social media in the fullest way exposing the state atrocities.”

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