The Dannuk incident reveals the ugly face of parliamentary parties. Khalil Baloch

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, strongly condemned the Turbat Dannuk incident in his statement. He said that human rights violations are increasing with every passing day in Balochistan. The ban on international organizations and media from entering Balochistan and the silence of the local media not only obscures these incidents in the eyes of the world but also provides impunity to intensify them. The attack on a house in Turbat Dannuk, firing and martyrdom of a woman and injuring an innocent girl is a very painful incident.

He said, ”Such incidents further expose the ugly faces of the parliamentary parties because the status and value of the parliament is not a secret,". The so-called elected representatives are nominated by the army and brought into parliament through electoral manipulation. Thus all institutions that fall under the control of the parliament serve to further the ambitions of the army and indulge in the ongoing Baloch genocide. The parliamentary parties do not feel ashamed in pleasing the army and to keep their ugly existence alive by becoming a partner in crime and a danger to the Baloch society. Over the past two decades, they have organized hundreds of criminal gangs and death squads to subjugate the common people and to eliminate the Baloch spirit of freedom. They are evidently involved in war crimes against the Baloch nation on the orders of the Pakistani army. They have been given free hand for any action to increase their wealth in return for the Baloch genocide. Cases against such parliamentarians who have been involved in the Baloch genocide should be lodged in Western countries so that they at least face justice if they decide to leave Pakistan for any reason.

Khalil Baloch said that the pictures of the gangsters who attacked innocent people in Dannuk Turbat with the leaders of the parliamentary parties are a clear proof that in the name of so-called democracy, they are playing with the lives, property, honor, and dignity of the Baloch nation. These groups can fall to any extent to please the Pakistani army. The parliamentary parties should read the graffiti that they cannot escape from the national accountability of Baloch at any cost. The bravery and courage of the people of Dannuk, the family of the martyred woman is commendable.

He said that Pakistan was attacking the Baloch nation in various ways. On the one hand, the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies are directly involved in the Baloch genocide, on the other hand, the death squad of the parliamentary parties and criminals are committing war crimes against the Baloch nation.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that this was not the first incident of attack on houses, women, and children by state agencies and its death squads. There had been incidents of abduction and martyrdom of women in several areas including Banuk Halima in Kharan district, Bibi Shahnaz in Tump, and Nazgul in Mashkai. Although we can understand that our relationship with Pakistan was that of an occupied nation. But we would also let Pakistan know that the Baloch nation had never accepted Pakistan as its master but had resisted against it. This revolt and resistance continue today.

Chairman BNM stated, "The Baloch nation has reached the point, that without freedom, their families and children are not safe and their dignity is not secure."

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