The Pakistani military is targeting unarmed people as collective punishment. BNM

The Central Spokesman of the Baloch National Movement condemned the barbarism of the Pakistani army in Harnai and said that the Pakistani army attacked Qaiser Chalgari's house in Nishpa area of ​​Harnai. In the attack, Qaiser Chalgari and two children got martyred, including his six-year-old granddaughter Naz Bibi. Apart from this, two young sons of Qaiser Chalgari have also been forcibly disappeared by the army.

The spokesman said that the Pakistani army had besieged a house in Harnai, killing not only two children, including an elderly man and his innocent granddaughter Naz Bibi, but also whisked away two young sons of Qaisar Chalgari. This is neither the first nor the last because we are occupied by a state whose history is full of oppression and violence against subjugated nations. Pakistan wants to rule over our land forever by eradicating the Baloch people through genocide and pogroms but history has shown that nations cannot be annihilated in this way.

He said that the Pakistan Army has been pursuing an aggressive strategy of collective punishment for many years. In this policy of collective punishment, on the one hand, the occupying army is directly targeting the people, on the other hand, it is creating new tactics of oppression through its death squads across Balochistan. Hundreds of incidents like that of Dannuk and Dazin are happening. The Harnai incident is the continuation of the same barbarism. The only difference between the two incidents is the death squads in military uniforms and without uniforms. In Dannuk and Dazin, death squads killed Malik Naz and Kulsoom, while in Harnai, the army shot and killed an old Baloch and a young girl in front of their family.

He said that Pakistan was strictly adhering to the policy of collective punishment across Balochistan. Tasneem Baloch, who was martyred at the Karachi Stock Exchange last week, his three brothers and father have been abducted from Dasht and two brothers of Shaheed Siraj from Shapak have been forcibly disappeared. These are the worst examples of collective punishment. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the international community to curb this rogue and terrorist state and play its role in preventing human tragedy and humiliation in Balochistan.

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