Leaked document of Pakistani interior ministry is a substantial example of stifling of freedom of ex

The Central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement, in his statement, said that the leaked internal memo of the Pakistani government and the concerns expressed by international organization Reporters Without Borders about hindering abroad based Pakistani journalists confirm our reservations previously expressed in this regard. Pakistan can target any journalist who may expose the atrocities of the army and the spy agencies of Pakistan. This is a substantial example of the stifling of freedom of expression in Pakistan.

He said that the leaked internal memo from interior ministry points a finger towards the war crimes of Pakistan in inaccessible areas of the country. Those six journalists whose names are in the list are now under threat in a similar way like that of late Sweden based Baloch journalist, Sajid Hussain. The security of their lives is the collective responsibility of the host countries and international organizations. Simultaneously, international organizations should ensure the protection of their families.

We have observed that families of political activists who are living abroad are being harassed in various ways. Despite our constant cautions, they were not taken seriously. After the reporting from Reporters Without Borders, international organizations should come into action and give moral support to the journalists' struggle against Pakistan and take notice of Pakistan’s continuous violations of human rights and the rights of journalists.

The spokesman said that the survey from all neutral international organizations shows that Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries for the journalists along with human rights activists where the cost of raising voice for the fundamental rights or morally supporting any idea is paid either with arrest and detention, torture and in some cases death in dark dungeons. This persecution can even extend to people living in exile.

The spokesman said that a dozen of journalists have been whisked away or killed after inhuman torture by the army and spy agencies. A great number of political workers, journalists and social workers were compelled to escape for their safety and seek asylum in different countries of the world. The mysterious death of Sajid Husain in Sweden, the doubt from journalists organizations and currently leaked memo are sufficient to prove that ISI is more dangerous than the expectations of the world and it is involved in organized criminal activities outside Pakistan.

The spokesman said that this memo has been forwarded to the military intelligence, ISI, director-general of ISPR, the personal information secretary of Prime minister of Pakistan including foreign minister. The entire world knows the working of these organizations. These organizations for the last twenty years have been involved in the genocide of Baloch nation, collective punishment and extreme atrocities, war crimes and a crime against humanity in Balochistan.

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